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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Little Mermaid Maddie & Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Zak has the week off this week so he and Madison came over to swim during nap time today. Maddie has grown so much when it comes to swimming and playing in the pool. It's amazing that at Sophia's Birthday Party back at the end of June she was petrified to even go in the big pool and today she will swim around the big pool (deep end and all) all by herself in her floaty swimsuit!! Anyway....

Today when the babies went down it was just myself, Zak & Maddie swimming. Maddie wanted to play pretend with us, so we played Little Mermaid (she was Ariel *shocker*, Zak was Flounder, and I was "Ariel's Dad" lol). She was really into pretending that we were these characters. She also wanted to play dolphins! It's really interesting to see the pretend play becoming a favorite pastime of hers!

Weather is cooling off dramatically, today's high was about 80*. Much different from last week when we hit 103*+! It's also supposed to rain on Thursday, the first time we'll have had really any rain in 77 days! I'm happy the hot-hot is gone, but I don't want it to so drastically flip to cold weather now! So I hope it stays in the 80's for awhile!!

Today is also my Daddy's Birthday!! HaPpY bIrThDaY dAd!!

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