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Monday, August 3, 2009

Sleep Game

Wish I knew the secret to win this game! I'm so tired the last couple of days but just can't fall asleep! I've gotten used to falling asleep with the tv on or listening to the Mariners game, so nights when I don't do either are so hard. But tonight someone gave me an idea that I haven't tried before - counting backwards from 300 by 3's. It's supposed to be hard enough that you'll fall asleep (probably from boredom!). I'm just not the type of person to be able to fall asleep by just laying in bed. My brain and mind start spinning and I have trouble turning it off. In the past I've read myself to sleep or played other mind games (abc's of animals, foods, celebrities, games, etc.). But I think I'm gonna give this a try tonight, we'll see how it goes!


brandi said...


Cori said...

must have worked...don't remember getting past the 270s :)


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