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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day of Shopping

What a day of shopping I had. We (Brandi, Jaime, the girls & I) headed to Southcenter Mall this morning around 9:30am and didn't get home until 7:30pm. I am absolutely pooped and tired tonight! Brandi needed to go to Macy's at Southcenter to buy a pair of jeans that apparently was only in Southcenter, Kennewick and Reno, Nevada (a really good deal I guess). We got there and shockingly they didn't have any (LOL), so she ended up having to order a pair from Reno (Kennewick wasn't answering their phones). That was the only plan we had, and by about 11am we were done!

We went and got lunch and then Jaime decided she wanted to get Madison some school clothes for when she starts preschool in the fall. We had a great time shopping for new clothes for Madison, we hit all the stores in the mall plus Target, Walmart, Osh-Kosh and Payless Shoes. Madison got a lot of new clothes that are super cute! She also found a backpack that was just Maddie sized at Osh-Kosh (opposed to the ones at Target that were almost as big as she is!).

We met Charity, Alex & Erin at Red Robin for dinner and dessert (thanks Charity!). After dinner I headed back to Monroe with Jaime and the girls. Madison was excited to have a 'fashion show' of all her new clothes for Zak & Jaime. Madison is super excited to start Preschool! What a big girl she is!

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