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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I woke up this morning at 8:30am and was supposed to be at work at 8am!! My bad!! I was able to move quickly and was at work by 8:45, luckily I just work across the street!!

Tomorrow is my first 'real' lecture in Chem tomorrow. Should be fun....

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Day 1 .... Almost Done

Here it is 4:43pm on Monday and I am getting closer to being done with my first day back to school!! Chemistry was BORING this morning since all we did was cover the syllabus. I then found out that I HAD TO HAVE close-toed shoes for my lab tonight and was wearing flip flops - so during break I called my mom and asked her to bring me a pair of shoes and some socks. She said she'd rather just send me to the store and she'd pay for a new pair for me then have to drive to campus (I didn't have enough of a break to run home). So off to Freddies I went! I bought a cute pair of sketchers...I'm sure my mom will be thrilled with the price

My second class today was supposed to by my stats lab, but that turned out to be CANCELLED. But I was unaware of it - along witha good portion of the class! So we waited for like 10minutes then left. I later emailed the Prof and he said that he had mentioned it in an email that I hadn't seen yet. Oh well. That left me with a BIG break.... that same break I am still sitting in.

My chemistry lab starts at 5:30 and hopefully it will be quick and easy and I can go home! Not only have is it my first day of school, but thanks to Alex I have a massive cold and just feel icky! So hoping to get out early....

Erin: That's what sisters are for ;) Too bad about your stats class. Why would you cancel the first day??
Cori: It was the stats lab and without any previous lectures it would be hard to do anything! So I guess we just get the week off from lab. My first stats lecture is on thursday.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back To School Tomorrow...

Back to school tomorrow - both sad and yet excited!! Summer is over but that means I'm that much closer to Christmas, baby Emmalee, Disneyland & Mexico! Wahooo!!

Here is my *fun* schedule for the fall quarter:

- Chemistry: 11-12:20
- Statistics Lab: 3-4:30
- Chemistry Lab: 5:30-8:20

- WORK 8am-6pm

- Chemistry: 11-12:20
- WORK 1:15-6pm

- Statistics: 12-2:50

- Chemistry: 11-12:20
- WORK:1:15-6

Tomorrow will be my LONG day so wish me luck :) The quarter ends December 12th, I can do this!!

Erin: Good luck tomorrow! At least you have a couple days away from the sick trio ;)

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Summer Birthdays Are Done

Tonight we celebrated Zak & Kelly's birthdays and they officially end the summer birthday craziness! Nearly everyone I know has birthdays between June and September and it feels like we're doing something birthday related every weekend!! But this officially ends summer!

Had a good day today. This morning I went to breakfast at the Duvall Grill with Barb Gessel from church. She is the new nursery coordinator and needed to touch base with me since I am 'mini-barb' Had a great breakfast and then talked nursery!

Went shopping with B & Jaime to find gifts for Kelly and Zak. The funniest thing happened when I went to wrap Zak's gift from me....he wanted a Seahawks jacket so Jaime & I picked one out at Alderwood that we thought he would like. Went home and I was going to take the price tag off and realized it said WOMENS!! Oops LOL!! Oh well, I wrapped it and gave it to him anyway! Everyone got a good laugh at my expense...and he's taking it back tomorrow!

We had fajitas for dinner so tonight I'm feeling REALLY full!! Ugh! What else....Jaime is 23 weeks now so we went and picked up the infant carrier she wanted from babies r us. It's really cute! Thursday i get to go with her to her big 24 week check-up, I've never gone before so that should be fun! I'm really excited!

I'm gonna go to bed....I have a nasty headcold coming on and just feel crappy. Church tomorrow and need to be ready to chase after 13 - children all about 18months! Yes, I must be crazy!!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What Good Can Come Out of This?

I'm a truel believer that good things end up coming out of bad things...but in this case I just don't see how that could be true. SHE has hurt so many people not once but twice and doesn't seem to care at all. All that matters to her is SHE IS HAPPY. Her own family is disowning her and she still thinks this is what is best for her and Baby Girl. That just angers me.

Sorry to be so angry and negative again...but this is just so annoying, frusterating and unfair.

Julia, Alec, Connor, Aiden & MacKenzie~ I love you all so very much and hate to see you all hurting. it breaks my heart.

Baby Girl~ No matter what happens and what life brings, please know how loved you are from this family. They would go to the ends of the earth to be there for you. Hang in there baby girl you are strong!!

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Gotta Love New Season of Shows!

I love September when all my favorite shows come back!! I'm a big reality TV nerd - so I cannot wait for Survivor & Amazing Race!! But today my FAVORITE show started its new season The Price Is Right!! The Price Is Right began its 37th season today! Holy cow 37 seasons, that is a long has to be a record I'd assume!?

I loved Bob friends said I wanted to marry him (okay so I did ), but I have to say I think I like Drew Carrey better as the host!! He just seems more personable and fun to be around! But Bob Barker has 35 years of PIR behind him, so that still gives him the bestest award! I've heard scary rumors (on sites like that ratings are way down with Drew Carrey as the host and there are talks of cancelling it! OMG they can't do would I go on with my life without it!! That better not be true.....

Tomorrow night I have my first Toys & Togs meeting to go to, can't believe it's that time of year again!! And then on Monday I go back to school....hmmmm....guess you gotta love fall!!

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Birthday Weekend!

What a weekend of cake, balloons, presents and TOYS I had!! Both MacKenzie & Camryn celebrated their birthdays and I got to go to both!

Yesterday Camryn celebrated her 2nd birthday (her bday is 9/11) with a Winnie the Pooh party! Erin & I took Madison with us when we went so it was fun to see Camryn & Maddie together! There was like 5 more kids there between the ages of 1 and 2, so there was lots of entertainment The big present hits were the Piggy Bank toy and the KITCHEN stuff!! It was hillarious to see all these little girls 'mixing' and 'stirring' and 'eating' their food!! It was really cute!

Then, today, MacKenzie celebrated her 1st birthday (her bday is 9/23) with a very girlie pink & purple party - my kind of party ! Erin, Alex & I arrived around 8:30 this morning to do our usual decorating, and I must pat myself on the back and see we did a mighty fine job this party! Alex & I really should go into the party decorating business!! MacKenzie had a fun time - when she was supposed to blow out her candle - she kept trying to touch the flame! It was really funny - okay so I am kinda mean She too got a lot of gifts, but the highlight of hers was the kitchen set that, myself, Erin, Brandi, Alex & Jaime all got her (and I'm not saying that because I bought it, Julia will agree!). All the kids today had a lot of fun cooking!!

Monday tomorrow - and my last week out of school until the new quarter starts Hoping for nice weather again tomorrow - no more rain!! Ta-ta!

Erin: Very fun but busy weekend! BTW: There was a 6 month old at CJ's party ;)

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Poor Natey = Bad Nanny

This afternoon after our daily walk to the park - I was getting the triplets out of the stroller. I handed 2 to Alex, then unbuckled Nate. Alex started to drop Jack so I immediatly turned around to help her. And then out of the corner of my eye I see Nate bellyflop out of his seat onto the garage floor!

I quickly picked him up and it looked like he was gonna have a nice goose-egg so we iced it for as long as he'd let us and then just watched him the rest of the afternoon. He didn't end up with much of a bump just a bruise, so that's good. But regaurdless I felt bad!

Erin: OH NO! Poor Nate

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Been A Great Day!

I actually cannot complain today, I had a great day!!

Started out the day with a massage to help my headaches, but who am I kidding I just wanted a massage But apparently my body is oddly twisted so the massage therepist is going to work on straightening my posture and spine. So it should actually help my headaches & lower back pain.

After that I had to go to work, the babies were just getting up from their nap so I fed them lunch and then we went down to the park. The babies are now obsessed with the 'big climber' and Gabbi & Jack even mastered going down the slides!! They were so cute they would work so hard to get on their butt's and positioned appropriately to slide - and no matter how hard they tried they managed to flip on to their tummy's halfway down!! Nate had fun climbing up and down the stairs and trying to get around me to get to the other side of the climber that had the 'drop offs'. Sorry Nate, you're not falling off the climber on my watch!

This evening I went back to the counselor to get a Neurofeedback Session. My therepist was amazed at how well my brain waves looked, even with all the stress that has been going on lately. I left my session feeling even more empowered them when I went in!

Finally, tonight Brandi & I were IMing trying to agree on what to get Mackenzie for her birthday and decided to take a trip to Toys R Us. Erin decided to come along so the 3 of us headed to Toys R Us. I ended up spending way to much money, but we had fun....oh and sorry Julia I'm not telling you what we finally agreed on - you'll just have to wait!!! We went to Red Robin for dessert and then headed back.

The best news of all came this evening when my dad couldn't find my car payment file to see how much longer I had to pay him. He finally just said - when do you think you're done? I told him I am sure I'm done now or close to it. So he said "congratulations it's paid off"!! YAY!! I never thought I would have that car paid off!!!

Thursday tomorrow, hopefully my great days trend will continue!!

Erin: Congrats!! It feels good to finally pay off your car.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Garage Gymnastics

My last couple of posts have been really down - and my life continues to be a rollercoaster, but for now it seems to be leveling off. So I thought I'd try and boost my blog by posting an embarressing story of myself

Last week at work, Jaime & I were cleaning up the driveway after the kids had been playing (putting bikes, cars, water table, etc away). And I for some reason needed to get something in the other garage stall. Instead of being a normal person and walking around the stuff in my way - I decided to take a short cut.

I climbed on top of the ottoman (they have new couches and the old ottoman & chair are still in the garage) not realizing it was on wheels! get the picture, I immediatly went sliding across the garage floor, eventually crashing into the freezer, baby pool & garbage cans.

Jaime wasn't much help since she couldn't stop laughing - but instead of a gold medal for my performance I got a nice gash and a big bruise! Someone has to be the klutz!

Yikes! Sounds bad.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008


am absolutly exhausted - both physically and mentally. I've been in bed ready to sleep since about 6:30pm. I could fall asleep at anytime, but don't want to go to bed to early for fear of waking up to early!

Went back to Camano today to spend the day. They had a small family get-together so it was nice to see Molly and her kiddos, plus Alec's parents & Auntie Kate...not to mention Julia & Alec plus the kids! We had beautiful weather - you gotta love September in the Northwest! We hung out outside and had a nice visit!

Tonight we celebrated Kelly's birthday and she got her birthday dinner - fried chicken & cowboy potatos - yuck - oh well I was hungry and scarfed my dinner down anyway!

Next Sunday is MacKenzie's birthday party and I hope things have calmed down by then and we can start to move on with the future! It is hard to have things in your life that you have no control over.

Back to work tomorrow...first time in over a week, rumor has it Jack has been a pain in the butt, so hopefully tomorrow he decides to be happy! But on the bright side, Sophie has school, the weather is gonna be nice and tomorrow night is Girls Night Out!!

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Feeling Crappy....

I've had an emotional week with a lot of crazy stuff going on that I have no control over. I was feeling pretty good today until I got in a fight with my friend and then just exploded. Unleashing all my frusteration, anger, annoyances, etc. that I had on her (and yes I had a lot directed at her!). I feel better now that I have 'let go' (except for the fact my head is pounding ). But it's still hard that I have no control over what is going on. I wish we could just fast forward a few weeks and move on. Living in 'limbo world' sucks. I just want everyone to be happy again, and for everything to be normal. Is that so much to ask.....???

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I have a lot to say - and yet don't want to say it. Life just seems so unfair lately. Why do bad thing happen to good people? I never once have questioned God, or my faith that he exists - and I still don't...but this week its been hard to see why He is challenging us. Why does He want us to go through this stuff again? I know there's a reason, and in the end something good will come out of it...but right now it's just really hard to believe that could possibly be true.

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lee's: Done, Done, DONE!

Yahoooooooo I am done with the Lee's! I am actually sitting in my own bed right at this moment

We actually made it to church EARLY, yes EARLY with 5 kids and me to get going and to Carnation on time and we arrived EARLY! But apparently not early enough since we still had to sit in the first row of the pews! Sydney requested french pigtails - so I spent a good 15minutes french braiding her super long hair. While sitting in Sacrament Meeting I look over and see her pulling them out

After church, we have some family drama going on so on the drive home I had a bazillion people trying to get a hold of me (don't worry it's nothing bad- I just cant talk about it at the moment) so I was on the phone for awhile. Kennedy actually made dinner all by herself and she's only 10! We then ate dinner, cleaned up and played on the trampoline until Scott & Cari got home about 7:30pm.

I'm taking a few days off of work to head up to Camano. So I'll be writing from their next I'm sure! I'm just happy to say I SURVIVED!!

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Lee's: Day 3 - DONE!

Yay, it's officially SUNDAY and I will be done in less then 12hours I am ready to be off this morning the girls have been arguing/fighting like crazy and are driving me crazy!! Since I know you all LOVE reading about my crazy-long weekend babysitting, I'll continue ...

Yesterday: Three of the girls had soccer games, starting with Sydney. Sydney got home about 11:15 and when she got home I loaded her and Elli into the Suburban and we went to my house, the bank and then Pickle Time for lunch. By the time we got home Ross headed out to go hang out with his friends and we had about an hour until Sydney's birthday party.

About 10minutes to 2 we headed out to drop Syd off. I had been told my Cari (their mom) that Syd knew where Renee lived in Millers Homestead, so I didn't grab the address. We enter the neighborhood and I ask Sydney where the house is and she tells me "i don't know"....great just great . I thought i had memorized the house address (turns out I didn't) and we drove down and immediatly saw a HUGE bouncy house. I figured that has to be Renee's party. I jump out and ask a lady standing around and she goes "no this is for the neighborhood block party" and had no idea who Renee was Okay so we head back to their house to get the address - got it - headed back to Miller's Homestead...Take 2. We drive right to Renee's house this time Get Sydney out of the car and head up to the door. Knock...and then find out that the party is NEXT Saturday! How embarressing, at least I could blame it on the parents!

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Since I now had to entertain Sydney & Elliott, I invited Brandi & Maddie over to play in the backyard, jump on the trampoline and climb on the swingset. The three girls had a lot of fun playing together. Madison keep saying "you are my best friend" to the girls! It was nice to have Brandi come over so it wasn't just me !

For dinner we went into Redmond and to Red Robin, Erin met us there for more adult conversation. I sugared all the kids up (guess I forgot I had them all night ) they even got ice cream - see I can be nice The kids all were really good at the resteraunt, I was impressed!

When we got home, we watched movies/tv until bedtime! I had all the kids in bed by 9:30pm on a SATURDAY!!

This Morning: Has been the worst yet...all 4 of the girls have fought/argued/yelled at eachother all morning. They are driving me nuts! Reagan is the worst instiagter of the girls. I'm just happy this didn't start until today, otherwise it could have been a longer weekend then it was!

Kennedy, Reagan & Ross made pancakes for breakfast. In about 45minutes we need to start getting ready for church. All 5 kids need showers/bath's this morning in addition to getting dressed. I can hardly get myself ready on time, let alone me plus 5! So we'll see how it goes!!

Tonight when I get home (YAY!) I'll give you the final report of the weekend!! Until then....

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lee's: Day 2 - DONE!

have now successfully finished 2 days with the Lee's ... only today & tomorrow to go!!! Yahoooooo!!

Last Night: We went and rented a couple of movies - the big kids rented The Corpse Bride (it was rated PG - and they SWORE they had seen it before, so I agreed!) and Syd & Elli rented Barbie Fairytopia. We went home and ordered pizza from Dominos (i don't cook ) then everyone watched their movies. I got to watch the Barbie movie (lucky me!) with the little girls and the big kids watched their movie in the playroom. After the movies were over (about 9:30pm all the kids went to bed. So it wasn't bad at all!

Suburban... So I get to use their Suburban this weekend to cart the kids around and last night was the first time I'd driven it. OMG the brakes are horrible and the steering wheel did this odd shaking. Kinda strange...their Suburban isn't nearly as nice as Kim's Navigator or Julia's Yukon!

This Morning: We didn't start on the greatest foot this morning. I woke up to Elli telling me that someone had locked her's & Syd's bedroom door (who has a lock on a 5 & 2yo's door ). I then spent the next 10minutes trying to get Sydney to wake up and unlock the door. The lock on their door is one that requires a real key to open it - so a bow or bobby pin wouldn't pop the lock .

By the time Sydney got up we were running behind. She had 20minutes to eat breakfast and get ready to go to soccer before her ride arrived at 8:45am. We actually were able to be early - so that was a relief! She should be home about 11:15a, Reagan leaves for soccer at 11a and Kennedy at 12a. Guess this is the life of a soccer mom!

This afternoon brings - hanging around for the soccer kids to return, take Syd to a birthday party and try to entertain Elliott! Ugh......someone save me!! But I think we're gonna go to Red Robin for dinner, so that will be nice!! I'll be back tomorrow to post again!!

Erin: Sounds fun! Now you are ready for 5 kids of your own ;)

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Lee's: Day 1 - DONE!

I survived my first evening & morning with the Lee kids! Let's see what happened....

Last Night: I got to there house at about 6pm, Sydney & Kennedy were still at soccer so I just had 3 of the kids. Over the next hour the last 2 kids got home. We had dinner, made lunches for today and did homework. After we got all that accomplished I went out with the girls and we jumped on the trampoline and played 'poisen ball' Sydney & Elliott went to bed at 8pm and Ross, Kennedy & Reagan went to bed at 9pm. By about 9:15 I was 'done' for the day!

This Morning: I woke up when Ross was getting ready for the bus, he got himself up and out the door all by myself - so that was nice! I got up about 7:45am to get the girls moving. Reagan & Kennedy had to practice the piano, then got them ready to go. They were out the door to catch the bus about 8:40am. I then just had the little girls to get ready to go! Got them up, dressed, fed and then we sat around watching Dora & The Wonder Pets until their rides arrived about 9:15am!! I then headed the the chiropractor and am now at work!!

Tonight is "Movie Night", so we'll go rent movies, watch them and then hopefully they will go to bed after that!! Tomorrow we have SOCCER, SOCCER & SOCCER, plus a birthday party I'll keep you updated ....

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I spent 2 hours at one of my favorite places the LAUNDRYMAT but am happy to announce that ALL MY LAUNDRY IS CLEAN!!

I absolutely LOATHE doing laundry - actually I don't mind doing it, I hate folding & putting it away! My normal method of laundry is to go shopping when I run low of clean clothes, but the only problem with that (other then the fact I spend way to much money on clothes as it is) i have WAY TO MUCH. Tonight I could hardly get my drawers to shut after putting my clean clothes away Luckily in a few days my drawers will begin to empty as I wear clothes and soon I'll once again have my 3 large laundry baskets filled to the brim with dirty clothes and will venture back to the laundrymat!

You may ask "does she not have a washer & dryer at home" - well the answer to that is, of course I do, but I let my clothes go so long and pile up that by the time I have ran out of clothes it will take me forever to do it all at home. So I just drag it down to the laundrymat and spend my $15 to get it all cleaned.

In other news...I start tomorrow night my 4 days with the Lee kids (Ross (12), Kennedy (10), Reagan (8), Sydney (5) and Elliott (2). Sounds pretty easy, but I'll keep you posted on how it really goes ....

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Birthdays, BBQ, Babies & Brides

Okay, once again I type up my long blog - and hit submit...internet blog is gone....grrrrr, I have the worst luck when it comes to this So let's start all over....
WOW! What a busy weekend, this Labor Day Weekend was!! I feel like I've been on the go since I got off work on Friday night!! The '4 B's' were some of the highlights and big news this past weekend.

Birthdays: Aiden & Connor celebrated their 4th birthday on Saturday and had their Monster Truck Birthday Bash on Sunday! Alex & I came up on Saturday to help Julia get ready for the party! The "girls" got Aiden & Connor a battery powered Jeep for their gift, so Alex & myself spent several hours Saturday afternoon trying to assemble it, with the help of the boys & MacKenzie ! Sunday morning we all got up early and finished the final preperations for the party. Alex & I blew up 85 balloons with helium (I know that's a lot - but in the end we actually wished we had a few more ), hung streamers, balloons, signs & banners around the downstairs & outside area. Julia rented a bouncy house for everyone to play in so that (along with the Jeep) was a big hit with the kids! Julia made another fantastic cupcake cake with Monster Trucks jumping over 2 cars - it was amazing, that girl can sure bake a cake...not to mention throw a birthday party! It should be interesting to see how she tops it with Kenzie's 1st Birthday next month!

BBQ: With today being Labor Day, we had a family BBQ at our house. Leslie & Grace (along with the dogs ) came up yesterday for a few days, so they were here with us too. The weather finally got nice in the late afternoon, so we were able to be outside. We spent most of it watching madison play soccer, play on the climber, chase the dogs & give and receive kisses from them too . Brandi & I also played 4 games of INGENIOUS, and I won 2 of them. After dinner we also played a game of DECOX and that game I came in 2nd of 7 people! Fun Labor Day!

Babies: My cousin Kylee had her son tonight, Payson James Rowe was born around 5:15 this evening. He weighed 7lbs, 15oz and was 19" long! We also found out that Brandon and his wife LouAnne are expecting their second daughter in early December!

Brides: My cousin Jessica (yes there was a lot of Flemmer Family news this evening ) announced that she is engaged and is getting married in January.

Other Random - Non-B's : I have a few extra things to note, but they didn't fit into my title of B's!
- Riverview Schools go back tomorrow - that means SOPHIE IS GONE
- Bellevue Schools are STRIKING - poor poor Brandi
- Thursday - Sunday I am watching the Lee's 5 kids When I agreed several months ago, I never thought it would come, but here it is!

Have a great SHORT week this week!!

Erin: Connect your laptop to your wifi phone!! You will not lose anything that way. You have a great phone with wifi. USE IT!

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