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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Game Night At Work

Tonight I had to work late because Sophia had her 'back to school meet & greet' tonight and Kim & Mark both took her and then went out to dinner afterwords. So the babies and I hung out, fed them dinner, gave them a bath (so I don't have to do it tomorrow - yippee, bathing triplets is very tiring!!), then played again while we waited for them to get home.

They got home around 8pm, we put the babies to bed and as I was getting ready to leave they asked if I'd stay and play a game with them. Me being the board game lover I am, happily agreed. Sophia picked out INGENIOUS, which I had never played before. Oh my gosh, that is the funnest game I have played in a long time! I'd call it a mix between Blokus & Dominos!

We played one slow game with Sophia, then they put her to bed and Kim, Mark & I played again. The second game went much faster so we decided to play one final game. The final game went a lot slower, but still fun! I unfortunatly lost all 3 games I played ...

Game 1: Came in 3rd of 4
Game 2: Came in 2nd of 3
Game 3: Came in 3rd of 3

I love board games, but no one else ever wants to play them with me, so it's fun that they too like games! I can definitely see a re-match in the near future!!

Erin: Sounds like you had fun :)

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Bestest Friend!!

I have been lucky enough to have many friends in my life throughout the years, there are to many to list - but I have had one who has stuck by me since we were 5 years old and to this day we are still best friends. I am honored to say that ERIN LOEFFLER IS MY BESTEST FRIEND!

I often am mean to her , take advantage of her or am just not nice (I know, it's awful!) - but reguardless of how I treat her Erin is always there for me! She is the only friend I've had who no matter what happens she will stick up for her friends and help them through their problems. Not only is Erin there for me, but for my family, my other friends, her family and work. She is quite an amazing young lady and I am proud to call her my best friend!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIN!! Thank you for always being there for me through all this years!! Hope you had a fantastic birthday today!! .... that reminds me, I need to go post on ScrapShanty to get more posts then you

Love ya girlie!!

Erin: awwww, how sweet :)
Cori: I know it's a bit mushy for me isn't it ;)
Amy: Wow Cori. That's so nice of you! :)

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Thank-You, Sophia

So I often complain that Sophie can be a bit annoying and demanding - but today she was totally adorable!! She has redeamed herself

This morning as I was walking across the street Sophie met me at the end of her driveway and said "don't go in my room the light & book I am giving you for your birthday are sitting on my bed". LOL guess it's not a surprise!

A little while later while I'm cleaning up after bathtime Sophie comes upstairs and asks me to get her out some wrapping paper so she can wrap my gifts. So I help her get the wrapping paper out and then starts wrapping it on her own. A couple of minutes later I hear "Cori I need help". I go to see with what and she needs me to help her wrap MY PRESENTS. I say "are yo usure you want me to help you wrap my gifts" and she responds with "yes, just try and forget what I got you". I try not to laugh and get to work helping her tape.

As soon as we finish wrapping she goes "okay now you can open it"! I was like "are you sure you want me to open it now" and she goes ....

Sophie: "you can take it home and open it with your family if you want, or you can open it now."
Cori: "What would you rather me do"
Sophie: "open it now!"

So I did...and what a surprise I got I am now the proud owner of a tap light, some lotion and a book that Sophie told me "I don't like this book anymore, so you can have it. I wrote my name in the front of it by accident" How cute is she!! She wandered through her house looking for gifts FOR ME!

When Kim got home that night she gave me my 'real' gift of an adorable shirt from American Eagle and a Visa Gift Card. As I was leaving I asked Sophie "are you sure you want me to take this book home" and she replied with "actually you can leave it here"!

Thank you, Sophia for the very thoughtful gifts!!!

Julia: That's funny - only from the mouths of babe's! :)
Erin: Very cute!! Remind Sophie that my birthday is coming up ;)
Cori: she was talking about how she wants to give you the 2nd tap-light she has :)
Erin: oh goody

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Sunday, August 24, 2008


It's bittersweet as I write this because that means (sigh) my birthday is almost over for another year But on I go...


We had a blast at the fair yesterday, the weather was beautiful and we got there early enough that it wasn't even to packed! We saw all the animals (yuck ), road rides (okay I mostly watched except for the rollercoaster which was fun!), ate fair food and walked, walked, walked!! Brandi brought her camera along and was the official photographer yesterday (yay for once it wasn't me ). So I'll try to get her to upload them soon so I can share them, since I'm sure all of you are dieing to see them

Last night we went to the Mariners game, they lost (shocker!), but the seats we had were fantastic so that made up for it! We were seated in the 6th row, just past first base! We could actually see what was going on - ha! We had a lot of fun!

Today, which happens to be my actual birthday just incase you didn't know, we went shopping at Southcenter. There were so many people that it actually bothered me and I LOVE crowds! Guess everyone in the world was back to school shopping, so we didn't get to buy much While we were shopping, Jaime wanted to go into a maternity store so we all wandered in...I immediatly saw a tanktop that read "It Isn't Easy Being Queasy", I about died and had to buy it for her! Can't wait until I see her in it as it's so fitting for her - lol (Jaime by the way is now 18weeks, yay! It's getting closer to January - oh and its a GIRL, Emmalee Paul Fields is coming!).

We ran by Target on our way home and picked up some hair-dye for me, since I had some serious 'rootage' going on on the top of my head. I let Jaime pick out the color and Brandi applied the dye. I am now VERY blonde, but I like it, blonde is definitely is ME!

Well here we are at the end of my post and I guess that makes it the end of my birthday -- wahhhhhhh Only 365 days until my next one....which by the way will be my special birthday!
You are such a dork!!!
Erin: Sounds like you had a great few days :)
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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Birthday 1

Tonight I celebrated my birthday - or at least the first one Everyone came to Grandma's for my birthday dinner of tacos (yum), birthday pie (okay my grandma also baked a cake to make Madison happy ) and of course presents!

We had a good time, and I got a lot of great gifts - clothes (always a favorite ), money, a game, a new hair straightener (now I need to work on using it!) and GCs to American Eagle, Gene Juarez (thanks Alex you remembered I wanted a massage!) and Lucy. So I totally scored on the gifts - thank you everyone I love them all!!

Tomorrow the festivities continue and we're going to the Evergreen State Fair (it's suppose to rain on Sunday so we're going tomorrow instead). It should be fun to wander around, play some games & ride rides (or at least watch Madison ride them since I have such a weak stomach ). There's nothing more summer-y then going to the fair!

Then tomorrow night Jaime, Zak, Alex, Brandi & I are going to the Mariners game! I conned my mom into getting us good seats so we are on the first base side 6 rows up!! My mom just rolled her eyes at me and said 'you better hope your dad doesn't find out until after the game'!! Zak later told me that when I left the room my mom told everyone 'hope she knows she'll be paying for parking' - haha mommy, I added a parking pass to the tickets so the parking is on you I totally love my mom ... but now i need to avoid my dad until after he discovers the tickets my mom let me buy!!

Happy Friday everyone!!

Julia: Cori~ such a rotten child you are! Didn't I raise you better than that? lol You should be nicer to your mom & dad, they are VERY generous with you.....especially at your AGE! You are getting OLD! ha ha ha
Erin: Did you forget about the great movie I got you??

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Thursday, August 21, 2008


Kim finally made the decision to let the triplets have free reign of the downstairs. I have to admit it did make the day much calmer because they weren't screaming to get out of the family room. But it also meant they could wander wherever they wanted - a lot more footwork for me!

They don't have gates yet (the one they had the boys managed to knock over), so we used chairs and ottomans to gate them off in the meantime. Plus it took sometime to figure out what they could and couldn't reach. So I also spent a lot of time moving breakables, pictures and flowers. They also quickly discovered the hutches in the dining room so we ended up putting the super-yard gate up and penning that in. So we are using the dining room for a 'dump all' for the misc. things we need to move!

We now have basically taken apart the downstairs Their once designer picture perfect home is no more... it's official the triplets have truly taken over!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY and the beginning of Cori's Birthday Extravaganza -
The festivities go as followed...
Friday Night - My birthday dinner - TACOS
Saturday Night - Mariners Game
Sunday (MY BIRTHDAY) - Evergreen State Fair
In a couple of weeks Mariners Game 2!

Hope you all have a great evening!!

What?? I was told your taco dinner is on Sunday. Did it change and no one told me??
Cori: OOPS - my bad :)

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Saturday, August 16, 2008


I went to Sorella's today and got the cutest haircut!! Now I just need to learn how to style it!! I think I may actually try and figure it out with the help of Alex & Kelly! Did I say it is adorable!!
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Friday, August 15, 2008

Bodily Fluids ... OMG TGIF

Can I just say - THANK GOODNESS IT'S FRIDAY the past 2 days I have dealt with puke and poop from the triplets (yes, Julia I know your are you gonna be a nurse if you can't deal with it ). Well I dealt with it just fine am just happy it's friday!!

Warning: Graphic PUKE & POOP Stories !

Gabbi yesterday after nap decided to do some 'poop painting' in her crib. It was everywhere. I didn't even quite know where to start. I got the boys changed and took them downstairs to get them out of the room. Then picked Gabbi up and ran to the bathroom with her and dunked her in the tub. Got her all cleaned up then went back to tackle her crib. Had to pull everything apart, take the sheets off, remove the bumper and the crib skirt. Ugh what a mess!

This morning I went to get the kids up and walked in the room to see that Gabbi had thrown we go again I thought. Quickly changed all the kids and brought them downstairs to play. Came up and started stripping the crib and realized that Nate also had thrown-up. So I spent a good 30minutes cleaning up the room, floors and cribs. Finally got it all cleaned up.

Went downstairs to put the kids in their highchairs for breakfast and as I lifted Nate up I almost gagged by the smell of him. He had the nastiest diaper I have ever seen (or smelled!). I once again tried not to puke cleaning him up. A little while later Madison said she 'found something', I went over and realized Nate had gotten poop on the floor. I once again was on my hands and knees cleaning the carpets.

Ugh what a couple of days...the oddest thing was the babies seemed fine - so not quite sure what the puking and pooping was about! Let's just say I'm ready for a few days off!

Amy: I have to give you props. That is really gross! I am so happy i haven't been in that situation.
Erin: Thank you so much for sharing!!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Get Well Soon Jaime!

Jaime has spent the last 24 hours at Evergreen on their Antipartum floor. She is had a PIC-Line put into her arm so she can get the nutrients she needs to get healthy again. She spent the night last night - but luckily was able to come home tonight.

She came home on her pic-pump which is attached to a backpack. The pump will run for 24hours for now. She will have a home nurse come and help out (not sure how often), but for the most part it is up to her and Zak to clean, change and add 'food' to it.

Since Jaime & Zak have been in the hospital I have been hanging out with Madison. It has been fun, but tiring too! In addition to Madison I've had the triplets and Sophia so a lot to do!!

Thursday tomorrow - yay! So I don't work until 1pm, but that also means its a late night - yuck! Ta-Ta!

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Got Me A Blackberry

I feel so cool now that I got myslf a blackberry!! This phone is awesome, I am totally loving it! I now just need to master the full keyboard for texting while driving I ordered a couple of hardshells off of ebay to try and protect it from myself! I have managed to go 5 days with only dropping it one time - for me that's amazing!

This past weekend my mom and dad went out of town (or 2 towns over) to celebrate my dad's birthday (50 ). So Alex & I spent a few days with Jaime & Zak. We went shopping and then the Mariners game on Saturday night (they lost in the 14th ). Then yesterday Alex & I went to church and then just hung out watching the Olympics.

Speaking of the Olympics...Alex & I were watching the Synchronized Diving last night and decided - we could do that! Until we realized a couple of things... (1) neither of us is that coordinated (2) neither of us are very graceful divers but other then that we're ready for the Olympics!!

Your so funny!!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cori's "VOODOO" Doctors

Thought I would blog tonight about my 'voodoo' doctors - the chiropractor and my counselor!

NEUROFEEDEBACK: Starting of with my counselor...for more then 4 years I have been going to a specific counselor who does "Neurofeedback".

Neurofeedback is direct training of brain function, by
which the brain learns to function more efficiently. We observe the brain in
action from moment to moment. We show that information back to the person. And we reward the brain for changing its own activity to more appropriate patterns. (

So I go to the counselor and she puts 4 electronic EEG leads onto my scalp and then I 'play' a game! This sounds extremely fishy - but I have to say it totally works for me! I have suffered for years from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and anxiety. This has been the first thing that has actually helped me almost forget I have problems!

When I first started going several years ago I had to go twice a week for several months to 'retrain' my brain. I now just go back about once a year for a 'tune-up' and them am once again good to go!! I cannot express how thankful I am to have found this treatment! It has helped me tremendously in many ways!!

CHIROPRACTOR: For several years now Charity has been bugging me to go to the chiropractor for my headaches. (I used to have headaches daily and 24/7 - they normally weren't to bad and I just learned to just live with them. I also get/used to get migraines). Kennedy went to see Dr. Metcalf with her headaches and they almost completely vanished. I however, being the stubborn person I am still refused to go. Anyway long story short ... I finally gave in and gave the chiropractor a call - that was 3 months ago. I have been going 2 days a week since then and my headaches have diminished I'd say almost 85%!

Today I had my first 'follow-up' appointment. The doctor was amazed at how much more mobility I had since my initial appointment. I got x-rays taken as well to see how my spine looks now. On Tuesday, I have another appointment where my mom & I will sit down with Dr. Metcalf and go over my initial and follow-up results side-by-side. I can hardly wait to see all the results!

Anyway...that's my crazy 'voodoo' doctors that I frequent - yes I know I'm crazy! LOL!
Erin: As long as it makes you happy and healthy :)
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Jaime & I ventured to the zoo with the kids (Madison, Sophia, her friend Lauren and the triplets) - we met Julia and her kiddos there and had one big excusion. Jaime joked that we should have had t-shirts made up like a daycare since that's what we looked like! Jaime, Julia & I, our 3 strollers and 5 walking kids all wandering through the exhibits!! The weather was beautiful - it's so nice to have hot weather again!

After the zoo we walked over the big park they have in the South Entrance's parking lot - and let the big kids play and got the triplets out of the stroller for the first time in awhile!! Everyone got along well - and we had a great day!! .... I told Jaime she needed to go home and rest after this outing so she didn't have any issues with her pregnancy - I don't want to be responsible for any problems associaiated with us being out and about - lol

Tomorrow morning I have my follow-up appointment at the chiropractor to get some x-rays done to see how my body is healing with the treatments. I can't wait for the actual findings appointment early next week to see the results!!

Have a great evening everyone!

Carrie: glad you had a super time at the zoo :) hope your follow up appt findings are good!

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