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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Bestest Friend!!

I have been lucky enough to have many friends in my life throughout the years, there are to many to list - but I have had one who has stuck by me since we were 5 years old and to this day we are still best friends. I am honored to say that ERIN LOEFFLER IS MY BESTEST FRIEND!

I often am mean to her , take advantage of her or am just not nice (I know, it's awful!) - but reguardless of how I treat her Erin is always there for me! She is the only friend I've had who no matter what happens she will stick up for her friends and help them through their problems. Not only is Erin there for me, but for my family, my other friends, her family and work. She is quite an amazing young lady and I am proud to call her my best friend!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIN!! Thank you for always being there for me through all this years!! Hope you had a fantastic birthday today!! .... that reminds me, I need to go post on ScrapShanty to get more posts then you

Love ya girlie!!

Erin: awwww, how sweet :)
Cori: I know it's a bit mushy for me isn't it ;)
Amy: Wow Cori. That's so nice of you! :)

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