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Friday, July 25, 2008

Zip-Ties Are My Friend

Now that the triplets are way to mobile - i have discovered my new best friend...ZIP-TIES they are great!! I zip-tied the wine cabinet shut at first. But then they discovered how to knock over the wall mounted gate - so I then used zip-ties to gate the super-yard gate to the wall mounted gate...I am quite handy aren't I!! Good thing they have a huge container of zip-ties, I think I'll be using a lot of them in the near future!!

I have a LONG weekend this weekend! I took monday off so I can spend an extra day in Camano!! Ashli & her family are visiting, so that's fun. Oh and I got to see the new car, very fancy ... i likey-likey!!

Have a fantastic to you later!

Erin: Why were the zip-ties removed on Friday?
Cori: LOL I didn't think about it until I after - lol :)

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's True....The Washing Machine DOES Eat Socks!

So the myth is true...the washing machine really does eat socks...and the washing machine repairman proved it to me today when he came to fix Kim's washing machine after I broke it last monday!! Turns out little baby socks (and they have lots of them!) can easily get stuck in some vent and eventually clog the machine. Who knew

In other news (lol this is like my very own news show ). Amy found out on Monday that she is prego again!! Camryn is going to be a big sister!! Amy's due-date is about March 29, 2009 - but she will most likely deliver in April since Camryn was almost a week late!! It's really cool that both Camryn & Maddie will get to be big sisters together Oh and Jaime is 14 weeks today!!!

Okay so my dear scrapping friend Carrie has been harrassing me for a long time to leave SA and move to her new message board ( Well with all the chaos going on with SA right now - I finally caved and am posting over there! Carrie even agreed (okay she basically begged me ) to let me play my reality tv show games on ScrapShanty!! It is amazing how many of my 'friends' are already on that site!! It's pretty cool to reconnect with some of these ladies! Gotta love scrapbooking!!

Thursday tomorrow - yippee!!

Carrie: whoooooooo ive been blogged about....ROFLi am so glad you have come to the dark side Cori and am soooooo excited to have someone to be silly about Survivor with again!love ya chickie!

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Red Sox Nation...Bah Humbug

Watching the Mariners game right now. The Mariners are hosting the Boston Red Sox...and it is sooooo sad for me to watch the game and hear MORE BOSTON fans cheering then Mariners!! What is up with that!! You look in the crowd and the majority is wearing red. That is just sad!! What's so great about the Red Sox anyway......

I have to say how amazed I am with the Seattle fans. Even though we suck (don't get me started about this one!), they stadium is almost always at least 3/4 of the way filled each night. We are awful and yet we continue to come out and support them.

Wonder where all those people are tonight ... COME ON PEOPLE!!

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nancy Drew & Laundry...Fun Sunday!

Alex got the new Nancy Drew Mystery computer game on Friday night and Erin & I have spent all weekend trying to beat it...still can't. I have never beat a Nancy Drew game (and there are like 15 of them). Alex & Erin have beat all but I'm determined to finish at least this one!! They are fun...and really addicting! Erin left so I guess I'm doing playing for the day...could play another one I suppose

This afternoon I decided to make a run to the laundrymat. Yes, we own a washer and dryer but because I LOATHE doing laundry so much I had tons to do and knew I'd never get it done at home. So I bribed Erin with Ixtapa (went 2x today ) and dragged her with me to do my laundry. It cost me $20 (well spent I must add) and now ALL my laundry is clean and just needs to be put away

We had a record number of nursery kids today...13...with only 4 adults. Definitely a crazy day, but like always we survived and the time flew by! So I can't complain!

Okay...I better get my laundry put away before I get distracted!!

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mariners WIN!

Amy & I went to a fantastic baseball game last night!! The Mariners beat the Cleveland Indians 8-2!! The M's had a grand slam (Ibanez) and a 3-run-homerun (Lopez), plus the Indians walked in a run! GREAT GAME!! We had beautiful weather, lots of fun and great food!! Fun evening! Thanks Amy f& Walt for the ticket!! Oh and sorry for bending my ticket

Today my mom, Alex, Troya & I went to Oasis. I got a pedicure (pretty pink toes now) and a new set put on. So I feel 'human' again with my fingers all fixed and cleaned up!

Julia's life continues to have some bizarre but great turns!! Can't talk about it, but really cool stuff going on! Hopefully soon there will be news to share!!

Happy Saturday!

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gabbi Doesn't Float

Well the first of the triplets fell into the pool today. Gabbi wasn't listening to Kim & I when we were out by the pool today and kept venturing closer and closer. We finally decided that since I was already sitting by the pool to let her see how far she'd go - she walked right in. She had barely touched the water when I quickly grabbed her by the leg and pulled her up. We assumed she'd be shocked and freaked by going under, but nope she started giggling right away and headed straight back to the pool . Guess that plan backfired on us!

Julia & Alec got their new SUV yesterday and GMC Yukon XL. It's white and I am sooooo jealous! Jealous that I didn't get to go with them to buy it (they took the other kids ) and that I don't get it. So sad! I am going up in a couple of weeks and can't wait to see it ... and then of course drive it

Erin came to hang out for a few hours and we went down to the park. Thanks for helping me wrangle the babies (who are getting way to mobile these days!).

Get to go to the Mariners game with Amy tomorrow night - yay!! I think we play Cleveland but am not 100% sure. Oh and the final All-Star score was AL 4 and the NL 3! The game was 4hrs and 50mins long it ended at almost 2am EST - crazy - it did go into 15 innings I think!!

Friday tomorrow, hoping for another nice day!!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Summer has finally hit Seattle and I AM LOVING IT! I love it HOT and it's finally getting to the point where I think it is hot enough (still could be a bit warmer, but I won't be to greedy!).

I spent the nice day swimming at work (a great perk of my job!). Jaime, Zak, Madison & Alex came over to swim with Sophie, myself & the triplets. The water was nice and warm today and we had a lot of fun swimming, jumping off the side catching the football, and climbing on eachother's shoulders (okay so after the babies went down for a nap!).

I took some pictures today of us swimming so check out our summer swimming pictures shortly!

Otherwise, I'm working late tonight. The babies have been down an hour and Sophie goes to bed in a few minutes! The new episode of Baby Borrowers starts in a few minutes too - so off to watch that!


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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All-Star Game!

I LOVE baseball and it's fun to have the All-Star game on tv tonight!! Ichiro is the Seattle Mariners player on the team, he started in right field so that's cool! This is the 79th All-Star Game and it is being played at Yankee Stadium. This is the 4th time in almost 80 years that Yankee Stadium has hosted the games. This is also the final season that the Yankees will play in that stadium. A bit of interesting facts

Alex & I are going to Zak & Jaime's tonight to spend the night. Jaime has a doctors appointment at 8:45am (yikes ). So we will watch Madison for a few hours tomorrow while they go. She is 13 weeks tomorrow - yay She is due January 22nd, but most likely will deliver a week early - so early January for my newest baby 'niece'! Go jaime Go!

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Monday, July 14, 2008


Ok don't panic, I'm not seriously going to let my 5 years of schooling to get to nursing school go to waste to become an accountant, but today I got a chance to do some...and it was really fun!! Kim needed helping sorting out her receipts and compiling them into an excel spreadsheet. I'm such a nerd and LOVE that type of things! So I happily sorted reciepts and entered them into word! My OCD had a field day with this project

Oh and the other exciting thing I did...okay not really exciting but big for me was i tried lamb. I don't like meat very much - let alone something 'gross' like lamb. But I gave it ago when Kim bought gyro's for us. It was surprisingly good, I actually enjoyed it!!

Okay, now back to my silly Mystery PI - the Vegas Heist game! Nerdy I know ...

Erin: CORI!! What is she doing to you?? I won't even eat lamb. GET AWAY NOW!!
Julia: WOW - I can't even get you to eat crab! Lamb is the best......second to crab that is! ;)

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Sunday, July 13, 2008


Sorry I hurt your feelings in my last post!! Please forgive me!

I had a lot of fun this weekend, I hope you can believe me!

Love ya my mommy 2 :)

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Sunday Already?

It can't be sunday already? Where did the weekend go?

Alex & I went up to Camano on Friday evening and came home this morning. Went to the Mill Creek Street Fair yesterday...or should I say drove there and tried to wander around! The boys were B-A-D (sorry Julia it was true!). They wanted nothing to do with wandering around, so it was a bit of a wasted trip! Last night we just hung out outside on the patio while the boys ran around. Alex & I played several games of YAHTZEE and that was about the highlight!! MacKenzie is getting so big and energetic - with lots of attitude! She likes to grab cell phones and then throw them, look at you and shake her head 'no no no'.

That's about the highlight of my weekend. Hope you had a good one too :)

Julia: Blah to you Cori!!!! Who would expect 2 - 3year old's to enjoy a street fair especially when it's 85+ degree's outside! Plus, as you should know by now.... we do much better with morning outings not afternoon outings - so that means no sleeping in and being a bum at my house! Blah!!! We love going out and doing things - but when we do we are out the door by 8-9am and home by 2-3 so the boys can whine down before the dinner/bath/bed routine starts! Anyway, I thought you came up here to 'hang-out with us' cuz you missed us and loved the kids.....not to get entertained! You knew that I am wrestling with some huge emotional decisions right now, plus these wretched cramps aren't helping! Sorry, am ranting, but feel you kinda just 'dis'd' your time with us as a waste of time, no fun, etc etc - and it kinda hurt my feelings. Sorry I am not fun & constant entertainment - but you know me, I'm really only all about my babies - they are my life, my fun, my entertainment - and yes they are trying at times - but what 2 -3year olds aren't at times! Even on their worst days I love them to death! I am the luckiest mother in the world to have the babies I do - even if they are throwing temper tantrums! So sorry if your weekend with us was a 'let down'..... I still love you and always will. Forgive my raw emotions....

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Interesting Day

got to spend some time with Julia & Alec today and of course my favorite kiddos (). We got to go and do something pretty cool and special, but unfortunantly I cannot talk about it right now!! But I felt very honored to get to be a part of their day! Julia & Alec, I love you guys so very much!!

Since they came into Monroe I dragged them (okay I owed them from Spokane!) Ixtapa, so we went to Ixtapa for lunch - LOVE THAT PLACE! Even if I did eat their yesterday too!! Who can have to much Ixtapa??!

Worked today, Erin came over so we could play in the pool. The weather wasn't nearly as nice as it has been so the water was a bit chilly, but the babies still loved it! Jack LOVES to splash and put his face in the water, what a nut!

Friday tomorrow, hallalujuah (sp!?)!! I am so ready for the weekend!! I am planning on going upto Camano for the weekend to hang out with Julia. I can't wait :)

Julia: Thanks Cori - still crying here - don't know what is wrong with me or why I am so frigging emotional, is it a 'good' sign or is it telling me something different? Sure wish I knew what I was suppose to do, and what will be right for all can sure be so difficult at times! Say some prayers for me! Love you so much! xoxo

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Long Weekend is Over

Okay this is the 3rd time now I have typed this post; apparently my touchpad on my laptop is way too sensitive and keeps deleting everything . So now I am going to try typing in word first and copy/pasting it over! Here I go again….

Slept in the late this morning, it felt really nice. I haven't gone to bed before 3am all weekend. By the time I get in bed I have been playing this horribly addicting stupid game Diner Dash II. If you haven't played it, it is actually quite enjoyable yet stressful and for a person like me with OCD it's hard not to complete each level! I have been stuck on level 14 for a day now – I just cannot beat it and it is driving me crazy!! Anyway…. I awoke to realize I had missed 8 calls from Julia (never good since I know she'll be annoyed ) called her back and she just wanted to know the songs I wanted for my page. I can never come up with songs I like out of thin air. So I finally remembered they had my iPod (left in van after Spokane) and to just pick songs for me. I think she did a great job picking songs for my page – I totally would have picked the same ones! Great variety!

Sunday brought another day of nursery at church!! We only had 9 kids (granted they are all between the ages of 18m and 24m), so it was really manageable! We even were able to go out for a walk and get some fresh air! We even had very little whining and crying ! That made the day that much more enjoyable!

Got home and took a nice long nap and then had to tackle cleaning my room. Ugh it was such a mess – clothes, clothes, clothes everywhere. I LOATHE doing laundry, I would much rather (and do most of the time) just go buy new clothes then wash the ones I have. Got my room clean and 2 loads of laundry done, and now only 3 loads to go

Tomorrow is back to reality, the long vacation is over! I can't complain I am probably the only person on earth who LOVES her job! For those of you who don't know I nanny for 14mo triplets Gabrielle, Nate & Jack, plus their 6yo sister Sophia. They have an in ground BEAUTIFUL swimming pool and air conditioning! So there are lots of perks to the job! I already have a nice tan for here in Seattle thanks to the countless hours spent outside in the pool with the kids! Plus they don't mind if my friends come over while I work and swim to! It is awesome! Tomorrow and this week's weather are going to be nice high 70's so that means LOTS of swimming!!

Have a good evening!

Julia: OK - you are such a weirdo!!! All this post proves is how lazy you are! ha ha ha Mostly weird though! Copying and Pasting your blog!lol Sleeping in everyday, shopping for clothes instead of washing them oh - not to mention that tough job you have!!!!! That is right across the street from where you live! lol You always crack me up Cori! Gotta love you! xoxo

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

New To All This...

Okay, thank to Julia I have decided to once again try myspace. For some reason for the longest time it gave me high anxiety. My blood pressure would go up, I'd get all sweaty and nervous anytime I got a notice of something from myspace...why I have no idea - I'm weird I know!!Anyway, I am gonna try and use this to blog - nothing ever very exciting happens but why not try! Julia wants to spruce up my page because it is pretty boring - but then again before this it had been months since I had been on!! Amy & Erin have been helping me navigate my way through how thing work and I finally think I am getting the hang of it!!
So here I go....

Julia: Cori- my silly adopted adult child! ha ha You crack me up! Gonna make you a pretty page today!!! BTW - great pictures!! ;) Love ya!

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