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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nancy Drew & Laundry...Fun Sunday!

Alex got the new Nancy Drew Mystery computer game on Friday night and Erin & I have spent all weekend trying to beat it...still can't. I have never beat a Nancy Drew game (and there are like 15 of them). Alex & Erin have beat all but I'm determined to finish at least this one!! They are fun...and really addicting! Erin left so I guess I'm doing playing for the day...could play another one I suppose

This afternoon I decided to make a run to the laundrymat. Yes, we own a washer and dryer but because I LOATHE doing laundry so much I had tons to do and knew I'd never get it done at home. So I bribed Erin with Ixtapa (went 2x today ) and dragged her with me to do my laundry. It cost me $20 (well spent I must add) and now ALL my laundry is clean and just needs to be put away

We had a record number of nursery kids today...13...with only 4 adults. Definitely a crazy day, but like always we survived and the time flew by! So I can't complain!

Okay...I better get my laundry put away before I get distracted!!

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