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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All-Star Game!

I LOVE baseball and it's fun to have the All-Star game on tv tonight!! Ichiro is the Seattle Mariners player on the team, he started in right field so that's cool! This is the 79th All-Star Game and it is being played at Yankee Stadium. This is the 4th time in almost 80 years that Yankee Stadium has hosted the games. This is also the final season that the Yankees will play in that stadium. A bit of interesting facts

Alex & I are going to Zak & Jaime's tonight to spend the night. Jaime has a doctors appointment at 8:45am (yikes ). So we will watch Madison for a few hours tomorrow while they go. She is 13 weeks tomorrow - yay She is due January 22nd, but most likely will deliver a week early - so early January for my newest baby 'niece'! Go jaime Go!

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