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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's True....The Washing Machine DOES Eat Socks!

So the myth is true...the washing machine really does eat socks...and the washing machine repairman proved it to me today when he came to fix Kim's washing machine after I broke it last monday!! Turns out little baby socks (and they have lots of them!) can easily get stuck in some vent and eventually clog the machine. Who knew

In other news (lol this is like my very own news show ). Amy found out on Monday that she is prego again!! Camryn is going to be a big sister!! Amy's due-date is about March 29, 2009 - but she will most likely deliver in April since Camryn was almost a week late!! It's really cool that both Camryn & Maddie will get to be big sisters together Oh and Jaime is 14 weeks today!!!

Okay so my dear scrapping friend Carrie has been harrassing me for a long time to leave SA and move to her new message board ( Well with all the chaos going on with SA right now - I finally caved and am posting over there! Carrie even agreed (okay she basically begged me ) to let me play my reality tv show games on ScrapShanty!! It is amazing how many of my 'friends' are already on that site!! It's pretty cool to reconnect with some of these ladies! Gotta love scrapbooking!!

Thursday tomorrow - yippee!!

Carrie: whoooooooo ive been blogged about....ROFLi am so glad you have come to the dark side Cori and am soooooo excited to have someone to be silly about Survivor with again!love ya chickie!

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