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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crafty Cori

…okay and Brandi & Jaime!

The last couple of days Brandi, Jaime and I have been in a crafting mood. Normally our craft of choice is scrapbooking, but lately we’ve gotten the sewing bug. I took sewing classes when I was little, but it still had been a long time since I had sewed anything until just recently when Brandi & I made Emmalee's Baby Blanket. So we figured we should try something else!

Jaime has been working on getting the girls’ rooms really girly lately (see Jaime’s Big Girl Room post to see pics!). The last thing that was needed was drapes for the windows. While wandering around the mall one day we came across a cute idea in a store and figured we could make it ourselves…so we did! curtain 3 curtain curtain2

Since making the curtains this past weekend, Jaime really has been researching different things she can sew. She decided to start simple and make a couple of bibs out of extra fabric and baby blankets she had. Looked like she was having so much fun that I had to join in.

Madison designed (choose the fabric & ribbon placement) a big for Emmalee and then I put it together. I’m not a seamstress by any means but had fun none the less! Here is my bib (Julia would be so proud!).

Front of the Bib Back of Bib


Front & Back

Apparently our craftiness is contagious, Amy and her mom Debbie are making curtains for Camryn & Jordyn’s room like the ones we made for Madison & Emmalee! I cannot wait to see how theirs turn out!!

Monday, March 30, 2009 what?

This morning I received my SPU nursing program letter and I was put on the waiting list. I am in position #7 - so that means 7 people have to choose not to enter the nursing program and I will be in. So there's no guarantee but yet still hope. In the past they have let anywhere from 1-15 waitlisted students get in, so I just have to wait and see. Hopefully I get the long run that I'll be the best option for me. But trying to stay positive no matter what happens.

I tried to prepare myself for whatever outcome and am okay with it - I figured if (or when) I do get into the program there is no way I'd get to go on the cruise, but at the same time if I get in I'd be so much closer to getting my degree.

With that being said I have a lot of thinking to do...
  • Do I start applying to nursing schools that start every quarter? Even though I REALLY want to attend SPU?
  • Do I try to retake some of the classes I got C's in to pull up my GPA? To help my application next year?
  • Do I consider double majoring in something else (bio or chem) and take classes to get me there and stay at SPU?
  • Should I consider taking classes at BCC since it'll be cheaper and I'm still considered a 'current' SPU student for 2-years without attending classes at SPU?

Today is the start of the Spring Quarter and I am currently only taking Microbiology. I have until Friday to enroll in another class or two if I decide, but I need to do some research before I make that decision. So of to research I go...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stevenson Quints 3rd Birthday

Erin, Madison and I ventured to Bremerton to celebrate Aniston, Belle, Camilee, Scarlett & Weston Stevenson’s 3rd birthday!! Three years ago the first set of Quintuplets in Western Washington were born to Courtnee & Mike Stevenson.

Erin and I had the privilege of getting to help them after the babies came from the hospital. Erin and I were the first set of volunteers to come and help out Courtnee. That day, she only had 3 of the babies home even!! We continue to volunteer every other Saturday for a year. Now they are 3 years old – wow time flies!

We took the Bremerton Ferry over and back and Madison really enjoyed it! We lucked out on it and the weather was gorgeous, a bit windy though!

IMG_0038 IMG_0033

IMG_0039 IMG_0041

The Quints birthday was at their family’s Skating Rink in Bremerton. So we had a couple of hours of skating fun! Madison really enjoyed it, and was actually doing pretty good!

IMG_0096 IMG_0097 IMG_0114 IMG_0115



Here's a fun video of Madison showing of her skating skills!

Here are some pictures of the Quints….

Blowing out their Candles…
Aniston ~ Belle ~ Weston ~ Camilee ~ Scarlett



The Stevenson Family


For more information about their family check out Stevenson Quints Website or their blog Stevenson Quints.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Whole Lotta Kids

Today I worked for Kim, Kim’s Sister Patty & Kristin.  So I had the trio (Gabbi, Nate & Jack), Ryan and Cody for 7 hours today.  Cody is the oldest at 28-months-old and the triplets and Ryan are 22-months-old – that made 5 kids for me!  If that wasn’t enough chaos I invited Amy and Camryn to come and join the circus!  Later in the afternoon, Jaime and her girls came over to play and Sophie got home from school so we ended up with 8 kids 3-years-old and younger and a 6-year-old!

Overall the kids played really well together.  We had a few tiff’s here and there, but pretty darn good!  And even best my 5 all napped at the same time for almost 2 hours!

I took a handful of pictures of the fun today – here are some of the better ones!

All 6 Kids in ONE FRAME!
If you look closely you can see my bribery ;)

A Few Random Fun Playing PicsIMG_6002 IMG_6009IMG_6002 IMG_6008 IMG_6007

Then we had some lunch…
Mac ‘N Cheese, Apples & Hotdogs

Pictures with Jaime, Amy & All the little kids
*The baby right in front is a DOLL and not real!*
IMG_6014Oops…missing 2 kids!

Can you find all 8 kids?IMG_6017  IMG_6015 IMG_6016 

It was a fun day, but now I am exhausted and am ready for a good night of sleep!! 

Ohhh…TODAY IS AMY’S DUE DATE!!  No baby Jordyn yet, but she’ll be here soon!  GO AMY GO!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Paper Shredding Party

What’s that you ask? Well it’s simple, while re-organizing the condo they ended up with LOTS of bills and documents that needed to be shredded. On top of that their cats, Izzy & Pete got declawed this week, so they must have shredded paper in their litter box for a week. So when you combine those it ends up with a “shredding party” at the Benson’s House.

So Jaime, Brandi & the girls came over tonight to use our shredder and stay for dinner. They came with a HUGE garbage bag full of papers and we went to town shredding paper!

Madison quickly got bored of ‘helping’ and so she got out our window markers and went to town on the backdoor.

While we were shredding (and when not being held) Emma hung out in her swing.

IMG_5995 IMG_5993

After the shredding party, we all had a yummy dinner of spaghetti with sausage.

And that concluded our PAPER SHREDDING PARTY!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Madison’s 3rd Birthday Pictures

I’m really late in putting up pictures from Maddie’s birthday party!!  Right after her party I went right into finals, so I am trying to get caught up before I go back to school!!  

Madison had a lot of fun and really enjoyed that Sophia was able to come and help her celebrate her birthday!  They played Candyland, did puzzles and made their very own pizza!  Sophia even was helping Madison ‘read’ one of her new books!  Those two girls get along so well, it’s very cute!

DSCN0510DSCN0558DSCN0514DSCN0546DSCN0564 DSCN0571DSCN0572







I’ve been having fun messing with the different settings on Windows Live Writer!  This time I played around with cropping and changed the pictures into a sepia tone!  LOVE THIS!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Disneyland Video!!

Yes, I just finished it and am feeling really proud of it!! No shocker that 90% of it is Miss Madison - but we did go for her...and she's so darn cute!! I hope you enjoy it! We had a lot of fun on this trip! I ran into Melinda & Jon Levey along with Kyra (Max & Emma were at school) at McDonalds and then later on I ran into Debbie Dill, Adam & Abbie at Fred Meyer (Alisa was also in school). I hadn't seen either of those families in a couple of years, so it was crazy to see all of them and in the same day none the less!!

Thanks again Brandi for my new layout! Love it!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


my layout...Brandi is trying to change it and it's all messed up! Hopefully it'll be re-set soon!!

Found it!

Yay!  I have found my card reader…had to pull my bed apart in order to find it – but I did and can now post some pictures!  Wahoo!  But after all that work…it turned out I didn’t have all that many pictures to post!  LOL!  Oh well!

Friday evening, Emma was actually happy in her bouncy chair – so I took a few pictures of her being HAPPY and NOT held!  Looks like her colic could be going away!  How cute is she!

Last night Brandi, Jaime, Emma and I went to Bianca Sult’s senior project silent auction for Hopelink.  Grandma sent us with $40 to spend, and on the way there Jaime was complaining that she needed a haircut really bad and I agreed.  At the auction we found an auction item that was three $45 haircuts.   That was perfect for us!  Luckily we were the only ones who bid on it and won it for $25!  I cannot wait to go! 

Afterwards we met up with Erin for dessert (or for Jaime & I dinner) so we decided on the ever exciting Denny’s.  We had a nice time just hanging out and talking!! 

A BIG thank you to Jaime for talking me into trying  the out Windows Live Writer to use for my blogging!  It is soooooo nice, and much easier to use then blogger!  I still have a lot to learn, but was excited to try just one basic post!

Oh and if you haven’t checked out Jaime's Blog from last night you should.  We spent all day working on the girls’ room yesterday!  It looks super cute!  Make sure you check it out!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

So Annoying....

I brought my camera and my card reader to bed with me to do some blogging from yesterday and today...and now my card reader is GONE! I've looked everywhere (granted my room is a mess), but I have no idea how it could wander away. Guess it's a sign to clean my room! Hopefully it shows up tomorrow, because I have some cute pictures to share!! But I'm to tired tonight to look any further!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fun and Busy Day!

I had a fun and busy day today!! It started out with Maddie and I heading to visit Camryn and Amy!! We all went to lunch and then the girls had fun playing together!! We had a lot of fun hanging out! Thanks Amy for inviting us over!! Can't wait to do it again!

Princess Maddie
Playing with "Paper" Dolls
Playing with blocks
After hanging out in Marysville with Amy & Camryn, I dropped Madison off at home and then headed to yoga. Had a nice yoga class tonight - this was my second time, and I am really enjoying it. The only thing that stinks is it is so darn expensive!! I still have 4 sessions, and then we'll see what I decide to do! After working out, we headed to El Torreadors!! We ran into the Sult's there so it was nice to see all of them!!
Friday tomorrow!!


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