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Sunday, March 1, 2009


Poor baby girl! I got a text from Jaime this morning that she had to take Madison to the ER last night. Apparently Madison woke up at 2am and then screamed until 5am when Jaime decided to take to the emergency room. Sounds like Maddie screamed until about 6:45am when she finally fell asleep. After numerous tests she ended up being diagnosed with an ear infection, upper respiratory infection and a urinary tract infection. How awful is that? She is now on augmentun which will hopefully clear up all the infections.

We had thought Madison might have had a UTI while we were in California - but she finally starting peeing again, so we didn't think about it again. So most likely her infections have been festering for awhile, all three of those infections are awful...I can't imagine all 3 at once and not even being 3!!

They are all in Kennewick this weekend and won't be home until Tuesday, so hopefully she starts feeling better before then!!

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