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Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Day With Gabbi, Nate, Jack & Sophia

I spent the day today at the Harrington's while Mark worked and Kim was out of town. I showed up at about 10:15am to kids that really wanted to go to the park. So I got the triplets dressed and ready to go and then we jumped in the Navigator (wasn't about to lazy!) and headed to the "green park".

The babies are getting so big now - I remember when I would take them to the park (last spring) when all they would do was EAT THE BARK! Gabbi and Jack will go up and down the slides and Nate enjoys wandering around the top of the climber. I took some pictures of the babies playing at the park, Sophia ran into her friend Hannah there so she was off playing with her so I didn't get any pictures of her.


The Trio
Nate pushing Jack down the slide - one of the nice things of being a triplet - being cruel :)




I made 'nanny pay' today in exchange for cleaning out the triplets drawers and organizing. So I was busy during nap time, but it was nice to get them re-organized!! After nap the kids and I just played and hung out until Mark got home. Fun day - but I must be 'out of shape' watching them because I am EXHAUSTED!!

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