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Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Day At The Woodland Park Zoo!

It had been over a year since my last trip to the Woodland Park Zoo (click HERE to see my last trip to the zoo!), so I was excited to take a trip and wander around!Zak’s best friend Zac (original names huh?!) came into town with his daughter Bailey, so Jaime offered to take Bailey with us to the zoo too!  So Brandi, Jaime, Bailey, Madison, Emmalee and I all headed into Seattle for some zoo fun!!

IMG_4108Look Mom!  A Gorilla!!

So cute!  Giving us a big smile with teeth and all!! 

IMG_4119Emmalee insisted on PUSHING the stroller, Maddie rode in it, go figure!

IMG_4123All three girls LOVED the flamingos!  Emma held on to the railing and refused to let go when it was time to move on! 

IMG_4144Bailey & Jaime

Left: Madison posing in front of “her” family, Mom, Dad, her & Emma
Right: Emmalee & Bailey (Jaime too), posing on the hippo

IMG_4190 IMG_4191
We got to watch the giraffe’s go for a walk, it was pretty cool!!

The girls posing on Hansa the Elephants favorite toy ball!

Both of us with our crazy frizzy hair :-)

At the Woodland Park Zoo, the Tapirs ALWAYS sit with their butt’s against the window.  Is that normal at all zoo’s??!

Who doesn’t love an elephant?!!

Madison loved reading the map and directing us which way to go!

Madison resting on Brandi’s shoulder!  It’s a lot of walking at the zoo!

The Meerkat exhibit was the newest exhibit of the zoo!  First time any of us had seen it!  They are pretty cute little creatures!

Emma & I standing near the Meerkat exhibit!

Maddie, Jaime & Bailey jumped in….Emma wasn’t thrilled about that!

We had a great day, the sun came out which made the zoo 100x more enjoyable with sunshine and warmth!  Nothing like going to the zoo in the rain! 

Happy Saturday Everyone!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

5 Question Friday


Nothing worth blogging about today!  I’m at work, the kids are playing in the bath nicely (don’t worry, I’m sitting here with them about 1 foot from the tub) and I’m trying to get some “work” done while they are content!  So I’m linking-up today with Five Crooked Halos and her

So without further ado, the questions…..

1. Did you have a favorite blanket or toy as a kid? If so, do you still have it?

Yes, I did, I had a little pillow, which I named Bee-jue.  Why that name I have no idea!!  It was my best friend until it landed on the heater and started to burn…at that point I had to throw it away :(  Luckily, I’m now finally over it

Well this is how far I can go right now with them….the content-ness in the bath is long gone now!  Gotta get them out, before they flood the bathroom! 


Okay, I’m back again.  Kids are once again playing nicely.  Pizza is on its way and I’m trying to finish this blog post before I’m interrupted again!

2. Do you dream in color?

That’s an interesting question, Yes, I do dream in color, I think.  In fact, I remember most of my dreams.  It’s odd because a lot of people hardly remember any part of their dreams – and yet I vividly can replay my dreams. 

3. How tall are you? Do you wish you were shorter or taller?

I’m 5’4”, I like the height I am.  Average is good :-)

*SIGH* didn’t make it to far again!  I have to go finish prepping for the pizza to arrive!  I have lots of hungry kids wanting lunch!  I’ll be back…


Yay, it’s naptime!  The triplets are all down, and quiet, yippeee!!  I’m hoping they took a good nap – 3 hours would be nice!  Okay back to the questions…

4. If you could have anyone's (celeb or other) voice as the guide on your GPS, who would it be?

McDreamy, he just has that kind of voice…nice, soft and serene!  That or the Price is Right Announcer, love that show :-)  It’s a toss up for me!

5. Do you return your shopping cart to the corral or leave it wherever in the parking lot?

I (99% of the time), return the carts to their corral.  I hate random shopping cards in the parking lot!  The only time I don’t, and pop the front cart wheels over a curb/planter thing is if I have kids in the car and it’s to far to walk back to a car return.

Few…I finished it with no more interruptions!!  It only took me 3 hours to answer 5 questions, not to shabby!  Hope everyone has a great Friday!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Biker Babes (Kennewick Fun – Part IV)

Mama's Losin' It

I really didn’t think I’d be linking up today with Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.  None of the prompts seem to fit, or to be something that I was intrigued to write about.  Until last night when I was going through my blog email and saw the prompts again.  I decided I’d take one last look before deleting it, and that’s when I saw it….

4.) It happened on a motorcycle.

No it’s not me.  I’m not the biker babe.  I’m not even a big motorcycle fan.  They seem so dangerous.  I’ve ridden on my uncle’s a couple of times, but that’s it.  The safety factor keeps me very hesitant!  Anyway back on topic. 

I remembered last weekend Brandi had taken some pictures of Madison with her Granny and her Granny’s motorcycle.  There’s no story behind it, I didn’t have any intentions of even posting these pictures, because their well, kinda boring (sorry Sue!).  But they fit with the prompt and this motorcycle is a big part of my Aunt’s life, so if it’s important to her, it’s important to me….right??! 

Let’s get one thing straight … No, Madison DID NOT get to ride it, that is something her parents would be VERY big no-no with her parents, but we did get pictures of her with the motorcycle and her Granny! 

581 583

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Little Fish

After nap today I took the triplets swimming, well I guess I should say the twins, since Nate didn’t want to and just watched.  Sophie sat outside with me as extra eyes while Jack, Gabbi & I swam! 


DSC_0833 Gabrielle

Playing with Cori


Jack & Cori SwimmingDSC_0889DSC_0890





DSC_0933Jackers giving me a kiss!  How sweet!

        Happy Wordless Wednesday Everyone!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Enough Stringing You All On (Kennewick Fun - Part III)

Okay, I was mean the last couple of days leaving you hanging with how we ended our Saturday fun in Kennewick.   Well, it’s your lucky day, because like I promised here’s what I strung you out with…hope you didn’t wet yourself with anticipation!  If you missed the last couple of posts, go back and check them out Kennewick Fun – Part I and Out For the Count (Kennewick Fun – Part II)!  So here we gooooooo……

At the dollar store we stocked up on SILLY STRING and WATER BALLOONS!

The Silly String was fun, but the dollar store brand doesn’t give you much!  So we quickly went through our bottles of silly string!  But don’t worry we had a blast while it lasted!

IMG_3880IMG_3886   IMG_3879                               IMG_3888    IMG_3890 IMG_3895

However, the REAL fun came with the water balloon fight!!  It started out nice enough.  Grandma was filling up the balloons as fast as she could, but we quickly learned that wasn’t fast enough for our impatient family, plus the balloons appeared to be faulty (darn dollar store) and wouldn’t pop on contact.  We quickly moved onto not tie the balloons and spraying the water that way!  But we still had the problem of one house filling up balloons.  So Aaron then ran insdie and brought out three large spray bottles….and the war was on!

IMG_3900 IMG_4011IMG_3944IMG_3918  IMG_3966 IMG_3968 IMG_3977 IMG_3995IMG_3983 

I don’t remember another time that my family had so much fun together!!  Everyone got in it and had a great time!  Aaron got me good, not once, but TWICE….the same way, with a 10-gallon bucket of water.  The first time I didn’t see it coming at all, suddenly I was just overcome with witness.  The second time, I saw him out of the corner of my eyes a split second before he through water at me….again.  *sigh* Oh well, it was worth it!

What a great time we had this weekend in Kennewick!  I love spending time with my Auntie Susie, she’s the best!  We definitely had a memorable weekend, I don’t think any of us will forget about this very quickly!


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