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Monday, July 19, 2010

Somersault Attempt WOW!

It’s true, I cannot do a somersault.  Not then, Not Now, Not Me.  I don’t know why I can’t do them, I’ve always been a outgoing and rambunctious person.   Never afraid to make a fool out of myself, but I still could not do a somersault.  It was probably more the fact that I psych myself out to the point where I could not do them. 

My family is a very rambunctious one, where we are known for doing outrageous things, and trying to outdo each other!  One of our favorite activity us bridge contests.  When I say “bridge”, I mean the physical/stretch bridge, start on your back and use your arms and legs to push your self up!.  Bridges normally lead to somersault contests, which ends with everyone making fun of me, and no it does not hurt my feelings (really it doesn’t)!  I try. I attempt. I fail.  They laugh. I get the attention, which is what i live on!

I can now say I can do somersaults, granted it’s OFF of the couch.  When I give something a try, I go all out….no boring and basic floor somersault…no not me! 

Madison was showing off her gymnastics ability yesterday and did a somersault off the couch that’s she’s now mastered.  Seriously.  A somersault off of the couch!  Only that rambunctious child would come up with an idea like that (and follow through nonetheless, flawlessly!)  Well, I thought to myself….I bet I could do that!  I might not be able to do a standard somersault, but I was ready to give a somersault off the couch a try! 

Yes, it took Brandi giving me a little push to get all the way over, but I did it!!  I now don’t have to tell people that I do not know how to do a somersault…not me anymore!  Granted I can still only do them off of the couch, but that just shows my rambunctiousness!  Anyone can do a normal somersault, but it takes a rambunctious person to attempt an off the couch somersault, when she can’t even do a normal one!  I now need to master the “normal” somersault, but for now I’m going to live in the moment that I CAN do a somersault (off the couch)!

I do have one question for ya’ll…..when did a “somersault” be renamed a “forward roll”Madison kept correcting me when I’d say “somersault”, makes me feel so old!  LOL!

Disclaimer: I give all credit to my somersault ability to my 4-year-old niece, Madison!  Madison also gets credit for the photos taken!  Pretty good photos aren’t they!! 

Funny story: I told Madison I gave her all credit for me being able to do a somersault.  She asked “well where’s my card?”  She had us all stumped, card??  I finally realized she thought she got a credit card!  Ha-ha, what a funny kid!

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KLZ said...

Man, if only that's what credit cards were. We could all store them up and use them to buy things based on merit not on....what's that? No one cares?



Getting a little to rambunctious in the brain for this comment box.

Sherri said...

Awesome use of the WOW, Cori!! I hate when they go and change the names of things, makes us feel old. Hadn't realized that was now a "forward roll"....and we don't sit Indian Style anymore, either!

Congrats on your forward roll...

liz said...

at gymnastics, they tell kate "forward roll" too, and i don't get it! it's a somersault!

Alicia said...

I can't do a somersault either!

Following from TTA!


Jill said...

HI there

Following you from TTA. I"m afraid I've always called them forward rolls, from when I did gymnastics as a kid in England 30 years ago (oh my gosh that makes me sound too old!!) To me a somersault is done in the air! I'm impressed you're doing bridges though - mine are pretty pathetic now (just had to try one now to see!! he he!!) Have a great day!

Unknown said...

It IS a somersault. I don't care what the gymnastics instructors say! And I like what Sherri said...we don't sit Indian Style. I work at a day care, and we say Criss Cross Applesauce. Where did that come from? Great use of the WOW!

Xenia said...

That's funny stuff! Congrats on your new-found skills :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Jess and the boys said...

Hi there. I'm your newest follower from Tuesday Tag-Along.

I'd love for you to follow me back where you get the chance:

Thanks! :)

Paula Schuck said...

Hi. I am a new follower Cori. Nice to meet you. Nanny for triplets? Wow! That's more impressive than a front roll to me.. or

missykade said...

Following you from TTA would love to have you return the favor and visit us @

Also please stop back on Friday's and Sunday's to join in our Blog hops we would love to have you link up : )

This Lil Piglet said...

Everything is changing; I guess change is supposed to be good?! ;) We used to call hoodies bunnyhugs when I was growing up. Don't ask why, I have no idea where that name came from; I'm fairly sure it was a Canadian thing only too. Ohhh and flip flops were called girls for the longest time would laugh whenever I said that thinking I meant panties.

New follower from TTA, love to have you pop by for a follow at

After B Comes C said...

Until you said that I didn't realize that they have been calling somersaults forward rolls in my little one's gymnastics class.

Erica K said...

thanks for stopping by my blog I am following back.

LOL at the somersualt.

Marianne Pysh said...

Hello! We're visiting from the blog hop and we're new followers. I can't do a somersault to save my life either- and any attempts would definitely result in an emergency visit to the hospital! Kudos for trying!
Lucy's Human

Kristen said...

I am way too old to be thinking about somersaults, I mean forward rolls. It hurts just to picture! I am happy that you mastered them...sort of. :-)

Kelley said...

Hi! I am a new follower from Tuesday Tag-Along! I enjoyed your somersault post! =)
Gift Basket Giveaway going on now!

Bethany said...

Seems like everyone is writing in from where they follow you from and I haven't the slightest idea how I found you but...this post is hilarious!


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