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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kennewick Fun – Part I

I came along with my Grandma, Brandi & Madison to Eastern Washington for the weekend to visit my Aunt Sue and go to the local craft show…huge craft show!!  The had so much fun stuff to do and see!  Not to mention the weather was awesome!  I love the sunny hot weather!  (Not that I really want to move over here, it’s fun to visit.)

One of the booths we stopped at had the CUTEST hats in the world – okay so most of the were above the top gaudy (sp?), but still cute!!  We have fun modeling them.

 IMG_3724 IMG_3725 IMG_3727 IMG_3728IMG_3729  IMG_3730

Maddie enjoyed some ice cream over looking Columbia River!  Brandi got some beautiful photos of her!

IMG_3731 IMG_3734

Maddie (of course) was treated like a princess and we got her (and Emmalee) each adorable tutu’s.  Mad got the whole ensemble with a fairy wand and a crown as well….sorry Em, you’ll have to deal!

IMG_3755 IMG_3757

IMG_3874We lucked out and the park had a beautiful kiddy waiting pool.  Madison had a BLAST splashing and swimming around in the water!  She is such a fish!  It was a great place because the water was like 5” deep…max!  Sue told Madison that if she dumped a bucket of water on her head (Madison’s) she’d let her get Sue wet… Didn’t think she would do it, but Madison surprised us and did it over and over!

 IMG_3797 IMG_3822IMG_3798 IMG_3817IMG_3807IMG_3825



While Sue, Maddie & I were “swimming”, Grandma & Brandi sat outside the pool on a swinging bench in the shade!  The swing was soooo nice to sit in!!


All of this fun was over by 1pm and you’ll never guess how we spent the rest of the way!  I’ll leave you in wonder…’ll have to come back tomorrow to see the remainder of our day!  Trust me you won’t want to miss it!!


Amy said...

I love the hats...Cute post..

~ Mona said...

You guys were fancy! {smiles} No really, love the hats. What a great way to keep cool.
Mona : )

liz said...

I think Maddie was rockin' her second hat!


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