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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hi, My Name is Cori and I’m ready to STOP being snarky…

and admit I’m lactose intolerant. 

This has been a long time coming, asking my friends and family.  I’m tired of being snarky after I eat dairy.  I’m snarky with those around me, who are tired of listening to me complain.  I’m snarky when people mention me trying to get me to try soy milk (still don’t like the idea) or lactaid pills.  I get snarky when I’m reminded that I shouldn’t drink milk, or have my before bed bowl of cereal.  But do you know who I really think is tired of being SNARKY?  My poor stomach.

My stomach has been warning me, pretty much my whole life, not to do dairy.  My mom is now convinced I’ve been lactose intolerant since I was an infant.  I was snarky even back then.  Apparently, I had awful colic the first year of life, and my mom now believes that I probably was allergic to the breast milk I was receiving. 

The light finally went on about a year ago, when my cousin made the connection that maybe the reason why my then sweet niece Emmalee had now became a very snarky baby, that Emma might be allergic to the breast milk she was getting.   At her 4-month check up she was official diagnosed with a milk allergy.  She was weaned and put on soy formula (which stinks by the way!).  At twelve months, they tried to transition her to dairy, but once again her body rejected it.  So she’s now on soy for good! 

Amazingly enough the snarky Emmalee quickly became a thing of the past and she is back to being her sweet self we all love!  I’m hoping that if I make that switch too, that maybe I’ll feel better, my stomach will stop hurting all the time, and I can get rid of my endless supply of Gas-X, that I currently use to reduce the pain!  A girl can dream right? 

I went to the doctor a few months back and mentioned it.  My doctor told me that the test for it isn’t real accurate and often does false-positives.  I was told that since it’s not very accurate they normally don’t test for it (it’s a blood test).  They just go with the symptoms you have, and narrow it down from there.  Well, I had to have blood work drawn anyway, so they went ahead and checked my lactose levels, and they came back NORMAL.  I’ve taken that statement that I’m NOT lactose intolerant to heart, trying to convince myself of the truth.  Finally ready to admit the inevitable…I’m lactose intolerant.

I now need to do something about.  I’m posting it here to publically have it out there.  I’m Lactose Intolerant and it’s okay!  I can (and will) reduce my dairy intake, try soy and look into lactaid pills. 

Are you lactose intolerant?  Do you have any advice or suggestions that might help?  I’d greatly appreciate any and all you have to share!

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After B Comes C said...

I too believe I may be lactose intolerant but have been denying it also. I can't help my love for ice cream and I still eat it even though it makes me feel horrible afterwards.

liz said...

Not to be argumentative, but there is an intolerance to lactose, but there is also an allergy to milk proteins, and they are 2 different things.

So if your family reads this comment, they might get back on your case! :)

Kim said...

I'm lactose intolerant too so I hack and cough after drinking milk but I still do it.

Wait for it.... Walking to my fridge at the office.....

Ok back. My sister recently bought chocolate soy milk from Costco and gave me one to try. She actually liked it. It's in single serving size.

Yes, it is still sitting in my fridge at work after a week. I just checked and the brand is Silk.

I do drink fresh soy milk (as in it's hot from the manufacturer when I buy it in the market). I make sure it's icy cold and sweeten it with Splenda. You can check Asian markets for those.

My husband drinks the Kirkland soy milk from Costco. (Don't quote me on this. It's at home.)


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