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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Enough Stringing You All On (Kennewick Fun - Part III)

Okay, I was mean the last couple of days leaving you hanging with how we ended our Saturday fun in Kennewick.   Well, it’s your lucky day, because like I promised here’s what I strung you out with…hope you didn’t wet yourself with anticipation!  If you missed the last couple of posts, go back and check them out Kennewick Fun – Part I and Out For the Count (Kennewick Fun – Part II)!  So here we gooooooo……

At the dollar store we stocked up on SILLY STRING and WATER BALLOONS!

The Silly String was fun, but the dollar store brand doesn’t give you much!  So we quickly went through our bottles of silly string!  But don’t worry we had a blast while it lasted!

IMG_3880IMG_3886   IMG_3879                               IMG_3888    IMG_3890 IMG_3895

However, the REAL fun came with the water balloon fight!!  It started out nice enough.  Grandma was filling up the balloons as fast as she could, but we quickly learned that wasn’t fast enough for our impatient family, plus the balloons appeared to be faulty (darn dollar store) and wouldn’t pop on contact.  We quickly moved onto not tie the balloons and spraying the water that way!  But we still had the problem of one house filling up balloons.  So Aaron then ran insdie and brought out three large spray bottles….and the war was on!

IMG_3900 IMG_4011IMG_3944IMG_3918  IMG_3966 IMG_3968 IMG_3977 IMG_3995IMG_3983 

I don’t remember another time that my family had so much fun together!!  Everyone got in it and had a great time!  Aaron got me good, not once, but TWICE….the same way, with a 10-gallon bucket of water.  The first time I didn’t see it coming at all, suddenly I was just overcome with witness.  The second time, I saw him out of the corner of my eyes a split second before he through water at me….again.  *sigh* Oh well, it was worth it!

What a great time we had this weekend in Kennewick!  I love spending time with my Auntie Susie, she’s the best!  We definitely had a memorable weekend, I don’t think any of us will forget about this very quickly!


♥Yaya's Mommy ♥ said...

New Follower following you from FMBT. Happy Tuesday.
Best wishes,

~ Mona said...

That looks like a blast! What fun!

Sherri said...

Oh, that totally looked like FUN! We had a similar "war" one summer at the lake with cousins, etc..yes, I was actually an adult at the time (43??) but it was so fun! We had the same problem with the dollar store water balloons, and resorted to throwing water with any cup or pail we could find.

And I love silly string!!

HBrummett said...

Thanks so much for stopping by! I am now following you too! I look forward to reading more! Have a greatweek! Heather

Tiffany at Beyond Magical Bath and Body said...

Following! :)
I love the blog posts so far... love love love the pics of the water fight. Makes me want to arrange one for my family!

Found you randomly on blogger :)


viewfromdownhere said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Especially with the hot weather we've been having here...I could definitely go for a water fight!

Anonymous said...

The stories from your family gatherings always make me smile. It's so nice that you all do so much together.


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