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Sunday, November 30, 2008

More Computer Bad Luck....

So my string of bad luck continues, but at least now I think I have a solution or at least have someone who knows something about my project to help me and Brandi when we are stuck...Mark!

This morning I woke up again all set to give it a go again with the video camera and getting the dumb USB drive to work with the computer. Finally discovered I need a fire wire (see I am learning so much!) and I didn't have one of those so back to Radio Shack I went. They (go figure, just my luck) were OUT of the dumb fire wire I needed but they will get more tomorrow. I left feeling quite annoyed, but there was nothing I could do about it.

On the way to church I came up with a new brilliant plan, my grandma's video camera uses the same tapes I could use hers to as the camera to get the video off of my tapes (does that make sense?). So I asked Brandi to borrow it for me and low and behold my grandma's came with ALL the stuff (cords, discs, etc). So excited about my new plan, after church I picked Brandi up from my grandma's to work on our project some more. She continued to go through the thousands of photos while I tried to install everything I'd need to use my grandma's camera.

I quickly ran into turns out that the disc that is needed for the camera will only install on Windows 98...who in the world runs windows 98?? I once again went searching for an update, no luck. After once again doing an endless search online give up and call Panasonic's customer service and - yes you guessed it - they were close. At this point I was about ready to scream, l throw ALL the equipment out the window and quit my project, until I remembered that Mark (my neighbor & employer) was really into making videos so I called him. He said he had a fire wire that I could use! He told me to bring my video camera over and he'd show me how to set it up. At this point I was thinking "wow this is awesome, my string of bad luck is changing'! So I ran over to the Harrington's, but once again I ran into bad luck.

Mark immediately told me that all I needed was the USB cord and I should be good to go. He told and showed me that he used Windows Movie Maker for his videos and while trying to show me how to find my camera on the computer realized it wasn't working. He then offered to let me borrow their video camera since it too used the same video tapes, so he decided to try it with that one and that to didn't work. He then remembered that he did need a fire wire cord. After spending a good 20minutes searching everywhere for theirs finally gave up.

So tomorrow I am heading back to Radio Shack to buy a fire wire cord and then continue working on my project with HOPES that I can get the dumb video off the tape!! Mark also offered to help, I think he'll be sorry he offered - at this rate the 'project' is going to be a couple hours long - LOL - and we can use any and all of his equipment to get it done! We probably won't take him up on his offer, but at least we have someone right across the street to help us when we get stuck!

Wish me luck for tomorrow!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

String of Bad Computer Luck

I was hoping to be able to debut my super cool Thanksgiving Blog but I am giving up for the evening. Thanks to several episodes of just bad luck ... I give up ... and will try again tomorrow! So stay tuned, I'm not totally giving up on my Thanksgiving Post! But on about my bad luck...

I figured that my bad luck was behind me after the Julia picture fiasco and we were lucky enough to get ALL her photos back. What more could go wrong? Well nothing worse did go wrong, that still is the WORST but it's getting quite annoying non-the-less.

Yesterday I was all set to work on my Thanksgiving post that involves video that was taken during Thanksgiving (*sigh* having to give away parts of my post). I grabbed what I thought was the USB chord for my camera and headed over to Jaime's. I got there all ready to work, and I had the wrong chord. Ugh...annoying!

So tonight, Brandi & I decide to start working on our Christmas Gifts for my grandma and parents which involves both photos and video (can't give to much away since I know they all read - haha!). I search high and low for the stupid USB chord, find the one I think it is and its not. Frustrated I talk Brandi into driving in with me to Redmond to go to Radio Shack to buy a new USB chord. We get there, ask for one, show the worker what it looks like and he looks at me and goes 'that's not the USB port slot, that's just for charging the video camera'. Turns out I thought the USB port & the charging slot were the same. Grrrr....I then realize that chord I thought it was at home, probably was right but just to be safe (and knowing my string of bad luck) I decide to go ahead and buy the chord anyway and could always return it if I had a duplicate. Turns out that YES I had the right chord at home!

We get home and need to get on the internet - I then remember that something was wrong with our wireless router and it wasn't working. Brandi however was able to reset it (how I have no idea) and get the internet to work again...this was probably THE ONLY good thing that came out of the evening!

Once we found the USB chord and got the Internet back up and working, we needed to get some pictures off of a CD and get them on my computer, we do so and my computer doesn't recognize my CD/DVD player at all. OMG! Brandi, my dad and I then spend the next 2 hours trying to find a new driver (never could), find the CD/DVD player anywhere on my computer (never could) and then at last resort my dad says 'let's just unistall it and reinstall it'. Did I not forget what I said a few blogs back about NEVER DELETING ANYTHING...well went against that and we did and *SHOCKER* we couldn't find it to reinstall it. So now my laptop has a CD/DVD player that it doesn't detect. By this time its 9:30pm we have gotten NOTHING accomplished on our Christmas gift and decide to move to one of the desktop computers to at least try to accomplish something. We were able to get a small amount done...we still have a long way to go...but a start so that's good.

Once Brandi left I decided that I would work on that Thanksgiving post once again...I finally had all the pieces to the 'puzzle' and was gonna do it. However, now my laptop doesn't recognize the USB driver for the camera, tried to find it online finally got fed up with it all and quit. Brandi & I are supposed to work on our Christmas gift again tomorrow, so hopefully we'll be able to get it figured out!! But in the meantime I'm going to bed rather annoyed and frustrated! Boy do I hate computers!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mish-Mosh of Posts

Here is a mish-mosh of things I wanted to it's a bit jumbled with no real theme to them -My Here is a mish-mosh of things I wanted to it's a bit jumbled with no real theme to them -My chem test, my slacker stats lab partner, my cold, Julia's pictures continued, dumb T-Mobile & more layouts! Kind of a boring post, but felt like including it anyway!

Chem Test:
My chem test is OVER - and amazingly enough I felt like I actually knew what I was doing...that's always a great feeling! It was a bit long, but that was okay with me because that means more points available and in gen-chem every point counts! Now I am off until next Monday, so I get a nice LONG Thanksgiving Break!

Slacker Stats Lab Partner:
Okay so in my stats class we are working on a large group project seperated into 3 segments and we work with two other classmates in order to complete it. Well two weeks ago myself and one of my lab partners were present in class to work on the assignment. We got through 5 of the 6 questions that day. Last monday we all met again, but it was decided that skipper lab partner would complete question #6 for us and email the completed assignment by Thursday for editing. Needless to say that didn't happen and I had to go and complete question #6 today. I hate when my credibility and grade is on the line when someone else is responsible for it. Makes me really nervous, I prefer to have control over it.

My Cold:
I have a very congested head right now with my neck being super sore and pain shooting down my spine. I went to the doctor today to just make sure it wasn't a sinus infection, but I turned out to be okay. Sounds like this virus is running rampid right now, I found out that even my grandma has it. Very painful and it lasts at least 2weeks...great! So I will be taking a regimine of 600mg of Ibprophen three times a day to help with the pain.

Julia's Pictures Continued:
Well it's official the PICTURES ARE ALL BACK!! Wahooooo I can breathe a sigh of relief. Alec was even able to sort them into different folders by year, month and activity and prepare them for burning onto CDs. I am SOOOO happy that mess is behind us now!!

Dumb T-Mobile:
So back in July I switched cell phone carriers and moved to T-Mobile and got a Blackberry. When I purchased the Blackberry there was a $100 rebate offered. I went home and completed and submitted the rebate, cut out USB numbers off the box and included the receipt...then I waited. I was expecting the rebate to come any day now, and was looking forward to the $100. Well tonight while going through my mail I found a letter from T-Mobile saying I hadn't included everything for the rebate to be accepted ... oh and the letter was mailed in early SEPTEMBER. OMG! I quickly got on the phone with T-Mobile to see what I had missed and found out that not only did I need to include the USB code but the ENTIRE side of the box my phone came in. After I completely dismantled my box, I re-sent it in...and now have to wait another 8-10 weeks for my check. So much for having it in time for Christmas at this rate I hope its here before July when I'll have had my phone a year!

More Layouts
Can you tell I'm in a bit of a scrapping mood!! Brandi & I are going to try to scrapbook again this next weekend!!
My Layouts
Madison, Jaime & Sophia riding the historic merry-go-round at The Woodland Park Zoo
Easter 2008
Madison searching for Easter Eggs and eating Easter Dinner!
Carving Pumpkins
Our family carving pumpkins this past Halloween!
Brandi's Layouts
Pumpkin Time
Madison at the pumpkin patch picking her pumpkin
I challenged Brandi to this kit...figured it would be as challenging as the other Halloween one I completed at the crop! Sure enough it took her almost 2hours!

At the Beach
While going through Maddie's clothes she came across this bikini that was WAY TO SMALL for her, but insisted on wearing it anyway....on top of her onsie! She then said that the laundry basket was her beach! Silly kid!
This layout was a make & take from last years CSCC, that one of us finally used!
Madison wearing Zak's Red Sox hat looking cute!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


This is a lady I know from church who is gonna give a way a FREE Keen pair of shoes, laptop bags, or handbags on her blog next Sunday!! Check out the link below and "sign-up" for your chance to win!! Then again, if you don't I have a better chance of winning!!

I have never tried these shoes - but being an avid shoe-aholic I want to give them a try. Plus the Wear Around MJ's look really cute, and comfortable!!

Gen-Chem Test Tomorrow = Thanksgiving Break!

I have to make it to my gen-chem test tomorrow at 11am, complete it and then I will officially be off for Thanksgiving Break until the following monday!! Not only will I get a week off from school, but when I return I have one week of lecture before finals week!! I am getting SOOO close to being done with this quarter...I must survive...I will survive!!

Okay I should get back to studying...ontop of needing to concentrate and study, my head is completely clogged and just hurts (thanks to the Munro family :)). I really just want to go to bed, but I know I can't. I must make it through these two chapters to get a good grade tomorrow. I CAN DO THIS!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Thankful For ... Undeleting/Retrival Document Programs!

Last night I had a HORRIBLE experience. Julia asked me if I would help her consolidate all of her photos into one folder instead of the folders all over her computer. So I offered to help...should have known better...

Alec helped me at first and we discoverd that all of the photos looked like they were saving into the folder for PICASA . So we started moving folders & pictures into that folder. After each transfer I double checked and sure enough they showed up in PICASA. So I went ahead and started DELETING the folders. Right before Alec went to bed he had said we should delete the Recycle Bin because it was just about full. Then he went to bed.

When I was done it was a little after 11pm and I went to double check PICASA and ALL the pictures were gone. Okay not all...but all of the pictures from 2004-2006, which included ALL the twins' baby pictures! I about had a heartattack. I woke Alec up to see if he had any idea where the photos might be or how to retrieve them.

We immediatly looked up how to retrieve deleted things from the Recycle Bin to read once you delete the Recycle Bin you CANNOT get it back. At that point I panicked! I was like...Julia is gonna kill me. I started thinking (seriously I did - ask Alec) I'm gonna drive home now (at about 12:30am and I was over an hour from home) and NEVER talk to Julia again. He then said, she knows where I lived to which I said "I'd change my phone number and move"!

After Alec told me I wasn't going to drive home, I said well then I think I need to go wake up Julia because I was freaking out so bad. He told me "you've got to be kidding, Julia is really sick and not feeling well right now - it's probably not a good idea to go wake her". So I said fine turned around and JULIA WAS STANDING RIGHT THERE - wahoooo!! I was able to confess to her what I (okay we, I'm blaming some of it on Alec too) done and that we were trying to retrieve them. Julia was amazingly calm and more worried about me freaking out. So she offered me some medicine to help me calm down - thank-you Julia - and i was able to began to stop panicking and eventually able to sleep.

Alec then found a program online that said they could retrieve deleted files. We immediatly opened it and purchased the program for $30. And amazingly it did find the photos. SLOWLY BUT SURELY it retrieved the pictures. I have never been so thankful for a program in my life!!

We won't know for sure if all the photos are back until Sunday when Alec gets home from work. But we now know that ...

  1. NEVER save your pictures to PICASA - PICASA is JUST A READER not a place to save photos too!
  2. NEVER delete your photos even if you are certain they are somewhere else, because they might not really be there!

  3. ALWAYS back-up your photos. It is a good idea to save them also to DVDs/CDs and even put them in an online photo program such as or

In case you are ever in need of document retrieval program this is the one we bought and I highly recommend -

Before I made this big mistake I did do some scrapbooking for Julia - here are the two layouts I completed yesterday.

Beachtime Fun

Say Cheese

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Am Thankful For Connor

Yesterday at preschool the twins' teacher asked them 'what are you thankful for' and apparently Connor was 'thankful for Cori'! How sweet is that. But I guess the teacher was confused on who "Cori" was (that hurts...really hurts!) so she asked Julia when she picked up the boys!

I thought that, that was so sweet of Connor to be thankful for me! It absolutely amazed me that he picked me of all people. I haven't seen Connor in probably 3 weeks, so why I came to his mind I do not know. Anyway, I wanted to return the compliment and tell him that I was thankful for him!

Connor is one of the sweetest (and most stubborn!) little boys I know! He LOVES to help you anyway he can and gives the best hugs!! I wish I could spend more time with him but it's hard right now with school to find the time to go and visit.

Connor, Here is a little video of pictures I happened to have of you on my computer!! I can't believe how big you are now, compared to when I first met you when you were just a couple months old!! Love ya! Cori

Tomorrow, I actually get to head up and spend a couple days in Camano with everyone!! Should be fun, I cannot wait to go!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Happy Birthday to You;
Happy Birthday to You;
Happy Birthday Dear Mommy;
Happy Birthday to You!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

CKCC Layouts!

Thanks to JULIA for stitching my layouts together after I panicked and realized my program was gone!! Thanks Julia I really appreciate it!!

Over the two nights of cropping and about 8 hours, I completed 5 layouts (7 pages), and I was really happy with the pages I got done! I just scrapped Madison (Brandi too), I just didn't have the energy to dive into my cruise photos...that just scares me! Here are the layouts that both Brandi & I did over the last couple of days.

Erin also completed 2 layouts (4 pages), but took hers home so I wasn't able to scan them in to share! I have to say though that Erin was my savior last night!! I found this pumpkin patch kit that I figured would be 'quick and easy' so I decided to just 'throw it together before doing layout!! Turns out this kit was HARD. It had paper piecings to cut and put together, chalking & markings to do and then try to put it all together! This layout took FOREVER! It was after 11pm and the crop ended at 11:30 and I still hadn't started assembling my layout. Erin came to the rescue and helped me finish it up so I could get it all completed before the end of the crop! It was close but we FINSIHED!! Thanks Erin for helping me!!

One of the things Brandi & I do when we scrapbook is challenge each other to use paper and/or pictures that we might not use otherwise! Some of our 'challenge' layouts turn out to be our very favorites because we are ... well ... challenged!

Oh and the only way to scrapbook is with kits!! I have been a member of a scrapbook company for many years, but unfortunantly they went out of business. But they would make several monthly kits. These kits include all the coordinating papers, embellishments and ideas to make your own fantastic layouts!! These are a must for me because I HATE picking paper to go with pictures, so I LOVE kits! But like I said the company I've purchased kits from for years is now out of business so I'm looking for a new company! If you know of a great kit company please let me know!!

Best Friends
Sophia & Madison posing at the Woodland Park Zoo

Madison sleeping in the car
Challenge: This was a leftover kit from a previous layout one of us did. All that was left in this kit was the paper and the large 'X'! So the 'X' was the big challenge!

Going Up
Madison over the summer figured out how to climb UP the slide

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Madison 'gardening' with my mom.
I actually picked out the kit because I LOVED it, and then had to find the right pictures!

Punkin' Pickin'
Madison at the pumpkin patch!
This was a kit I purchased at the CKCC a couple years ago! It was nice to finally get to use it!


A Mariners game this past summer with Jaime, Zackery, Madison, Alex & I

Love: My Mom & My Friend
Jaime & Madison just snuggling one evening before bed.

I Love You
Madison trying a cupcake for the first time and trying to share with Alex!

First Day of School
My mom & I goofing off as I headed off to school. I was already with my backpack and goggles for chem lab...all I was missing was my lab coat!
Challenge: This was a challenge photo I gave to Brandi...okay so it was all because it was me!!

Face Painting
Not quite sure where this is, but I think the idea is pretty self-explanatory! I LOVE the look Madison is giving on the bottom photo!

Madison wearing Alex's necklace on Easter last year!

Denny's at Midnight

After the crop ended around midnight, Erin, Brandi & I realized we hadn't had dinner. We had a late lunch (or early dinner I guess) at Red Robin around 3pm, but by the time we left the crop were starving!! So we figured Denny's would at least be opened. Having never been to Denny's so late, I assumed it would be empty...boy was I wrong. This place was super busy, apparently Denny's is where teenagers hang out now (boy do I feel old!) late at night. There were several groups of teenagers hanging out and eating. So if you want to go with the 'younger' crowd go late at night!! It is so much different then any other time of the day when you might go!! No old people there tonight...very different...kinda weird!

Had fun scrappin' tonight! But I'll post more about it tomorrow when I post my layouts. Now I just gotta figure out how to re-install the driver for the scanner...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Friday Night Crop Re-Cap

Tonight Brandi & I went to the Friday Night Creating Keepsakes Crop. We had a great time, my only complaint was it wasn't long enough it could have easily gone a couple more hours!! I got 3 layouts (one 2-pager & one 1-pager) completed and got a good start on #4! I think Brandi got 3 done as well, but am not 100% sure. I plan on scanning in my layouts probably on Sunday after church and will post them here for all to see!

Brandi won a set of like 8 accordian scrapbooks & coordinating paper/kits! Really cool gift, but we'll see if she actually uses it!! I didn't win anything tonight, but hopefully will be a big winner tomorrow night!!

Tomorrow afternoon before the crop we'll SHOP SHOP SHOP and the vendor fair!! That is always a ton of fun to get to go and shop for fun scrapbooking supplies!! I can't wait!!

I really should get to bed because it's already after midnight and I have to be ready for another day of scrapping tomorrow!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Flood Pics

I wasn't able to take pictures today of the flood, but luckily Dana Hunt took several and said I could post them here! Thanks Dana!

Woodinville-Duvall Bridge @ 10:30am

Just South of 124th

124th Bridge

More 124th Bridge

124th Bridge in the Distance

124th Bridge...ya think there's water over the roadway??

Crop Tomorrow Night & Lack of Floodage

Tomorrow night and Saturday night Brandi & I are going to the 2008 Seattle Creating Keepsake Convention. They have lots of shopping, classes and of course nightly CROPS!! Brandi and I (and Erin on Saturday) are going to attend the Friday and Saturday nights from 7-11pm!! That is 4hours each night of scrapbooking!! I am soooo excited!! I actually packed up at home this morning and fled to Monroe in fear of being flooded in Duvall and not being able to make it to the crop!!

Speaking of flooding...nothing overly exciting happened. 124th flooded, which was to be expected and the Woodinville-Duvall bridge for a brief period, but nothing long. Alex didn't have school today due to the flooding - so lucky for her. The Snoqualmie River in Carnation has already crested, but the Duvall portion is still rising and is said to crest overnight. They just showed 124th on the news and it still looks super high. So there's a chance of the Woodinville-Duvall Bridge to close overnight and Alex getting another day off from school. We'll just have to wait and see.

That's about it - have a good evening, I should get to sleep so I can be well rested for tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Great Flood of '08???

We are flood watch as we wait to be an island once again. The city where I live is on the Snoqualmie River which is one of the biggest rivers in the state. There is only 4 ways in and out of Duvall - 2 of them across bridges and 2 on rural roads (running alongside the river). So when the Snoqulamie River floods all our access ways out of Duvall flood as well - turning the city of Duvall into an island.

According to Komo News....

"King County officials said with the Tolt and Snoqualmie Rivers under historic
flooding conditions, they fear the situation may worsen overnight" (
Rumor around town is that by 4am both bridges out of town will be flooded - and we'll all be stuck. Two years ago we had the worst flooding ever (they are saying tonights could now be worse) and here are a few pictures that were taken during the November '06 Flooding...

November 2006 Flooding

124th Bridge
You see the orange sign that is a 'normal' sized street sign. All the 'lake' is normally grassy-farmland!

Madison & Jaime by the Flooded Bridge

Here is a picture of Madison & I during the flood at Jaime & Zak's apartment in Duvall...look how little she was!! She would have been about 8 months old here.

It will be interesting to see if the flooding is that bad was absolutely amazing how much water there was!

All Moved Over....

Okay so it's been about an 1.5hrs since my last post...thought it was time to post again!! Anyway...

I have finally moved ALL 72 of my blogs that I posted on Myspace over to blogger - so my story is all here now...or at least since July '08!!

If you haven't already I would love it if you would be a follower. On the right side of the screen there is a "FOLLOWERS" 'box' with 3 people's picture so Follow This Blog and I think it will give you updates on when I post?? Something like that!! So add yourself, plus then I know who is reading it!!

Okay my chem quiz is getting closer...I better go to bed or else I won't be able to wake up in the morning!!

Good Night (or should I say Good Morning?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I'm officially at the point in the quarter where I am ready to be done!! I am now right in the middle of week 7 of a 11 week quarter and am tired and DONE! Tomorrow I have a chemistry quiz and I have been studying for it for 2 days now. I am giving up studying for tonight and just will pray I am ready.

Each quarter at about this time I begin to panic. Julia knows to expect my 'omg i can't do this' call during this time. I'm about ready to call her up and vent, complain and listen to her advise and knowledge that if she did it, I can too!

This quarter causes me even more stress because this is my last quarter of my grades counting towards my nursing application GPA. So it will either help or hurt it tremendously - there's no turning back now...just gotta keep chuggin' along. I can and do every quarter, but it still panics me each time!

Less then 3 weeks until Thanksgiving...I can make it to that break...and then there's one week before finals...less then a month....I will survive, I always do.

Worlds LONGEST Day

Mondays are my LONG day for school - I leave a little before 10am and get home about 9pm. During that 11 hour period I have 8 hours of class - with an hour off here and there. Well today I had NO time extra. I was literally running from class to class. By the time 5pm came all I had eaten all day was a small thing of yogurt on my way to school. My head was pounding and I was starting to feel a bit faint - so I knew I needed food. Unfortunantly I had NO time before my chem last started so I quickly ran to the campus 'food mart' to grab a King Sized Kit-Kat bar to give me some energy and hope that my headache would subside (and it did) and a bag of doritos. That was my 'dinner'. Of course my chem lab was the longest yet - and we didn't get out until 8:30, so by the time lab was over I was exhausted and still had to drive to Jaime's.

Finally made it to Jaime's a little after 9 and was starving and exhausted. Made a quick croissant-ham sandwich and got back to work again. I spent the next 3 hours working on more chemistry homework until I finally gave up for the evening. I had gotten my chem homework score to 174/180 - I figured that was fine - plus I emailed my prof to ask for help on one problem and my chem tutor on another, so hopefully I can get the last 6 points - YES I AM A PERFECTIONIST. So hopefully tomorrow I'll get emails back to finish up that assignment.

Jaime is 30 weeks today - yay Jaime! It is getting closer and closer to January 19th when she is due to deliver baby Emmalee. I'm staying over here tonight to hang out tomorrow (my day off and Veteran's Day). I have been helping her start to 'nest' and declutter/deep clean her home. Each Tuesday we are tackling just 1 room. Last week it was the family room and tomorrow I think we're doing Madison's room (yikes!). Wish us luck!

Tomorrow Amy finds out if she's having a boy or a girl. I have a gut feeling its a girl - but another feeling that it could be a boy. Yes I know it's 50/50 and I've covered both my bases with that statement! But I can't decide! With Jaime we all just knew it was a girl, so it wasn't much of a surprise! So I can't wait to here what she is having!!

Okay now it's 12:20am, I really should get to bed and officially end this worlds longest day!

P.S. Thank you Brandi for making my cute topper to match my page!! I love it!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Almost Killed Erin...

Tonight I had to run to Alec's work to pick up my coat that i left when I was visiting him and Julia last. I didn't want to drive to Mercer Island alone, so I dragged Erin along with me. We got their easily (only made one wrong turn - which for me is impressive) got my coat and headed back.

Now remember I live in Seattle where it rains a lot - so we were driving on the freeway, it was raining cats and dogs and we were talking. To the left of me there was a metro bus with his blinker on to move into my lane. I was already next to him so I quickly sped up to get in front of him. I didn't realize that the two lanes were actually merging into one - and Erin is sceaming at me.

I finally realized they were merging and really gunned it to get infront of the bus. We were side by side for a few seconds in the same lane...I giggled, Erin didn't find it to funny!! But once again, she survived another trip with me!! Sorry Erin!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

"Poop on the Hippo" for Dinner

Yes - you read that correctly, according to Madison we ate dinner at "Poop On The Hippo" - also known as Buca Di Beppo! We all got a good giggle everytime Madison would say where we were going for dinner!! To add to our dinner, Madison wanted to be a 'twin' with me so we wore our matching SPU sweatshirts (ahhh cute!) and Madison referred to me as 'big twin' and she was 'little twin'! Lots of fun!

The rest of the day we spent going to Costco then hanging out at Jaime's while Madison napped. After dinner we went to JoAnn's to buy fabric for the baby blanket Brandi is making for baby Emmalee. That took quite awhile to find the right fabric, then determine the correct about to buy, getting it cut, etc. By the time we got home it was already bedtime for Madison, so she went to bed and we watched tv. Brandi & I are also going to a 2 night crop next weekend so we had to get our scrapbooking stuff organized to take with us. Now she's working on the topper for my blog and I continue to move my blog from myspace to blogger! Pretty exciting day!!

And in case you were unaware...I am now at blogger and am slowly moving all my previous posts from my myspace blog to here!! Brandi is working on a fun topper/header that I hope we'll get added tomorrow!! Otherwise, I really should get to bed - I have nursery tomorrow and need to rest up for that!


Friday, November 7, 2008

Moving to Blogger

I am moving my blog to blogger - so come follow it over there!!

[blog link]

I'm slowly moving all my posts from myspace over there - so it's taking time...but getting there! Brandi is making me page topper and then I'll enlist her to make my whole page ;)

See ya at blogger!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

MaDiSoN tHe DeViL cHiLd

Okay I think (and Jaime gave me premission to post) that the devil has taken over our sweet little Madison Sophia. The easy going - go with the flow - very rarely naughty little girl! Over the past week she has done a few things that really stressed Jaime out, who has started contracting over it (not good). But regaurdless, I still find it kind of humerous. Jaime says "probably because it's not your kid" - good point...but I still get the giggles when I think about a few of the things she did this week!

1) Last weekend, we were hanging out and Madison was in her room playing (or so we thought) and I started to smell chemicals. Jaime quickly jumped up to go and check on Madison - and she had gotten a hold of the 409 bottle (how we're not quite sure) and was 'cleaning' her room. OMG what a mess and I've never heard Jaime scream so loud!

2) On Saturday, she climbed over the gate into Brandi's room and before anyone realized she had - she had 'painted' Brandi's bedroom wall with hand lotion! Needless to say Brandi wasn't real thrilled

3) On Tuesday, I was at Jaime's helping her begin to de-clutter her house now that she's in a 'nesting' mode. So each week we're gonna deep clean one room in her condo. This week we did the family room, but anyway that's beyond the point! While Jaime & I were cleaning, Madison came out and she had LOTION all over herself. Jaime once again ran (okay really waddled ) into Madison's room to find her room covered in Lotion, Butt Butt Paste and Vasoline! She had climbed her dresser and got her diaper cream basket off of it! Another mess!

4) Today, Jaime was in the shower and she heard Madison talking to her, and kept telling her "I pooped". Jaime told her "okay i'll be just out and will change you". When Jaime came out she found Madison without a diaper or pants on...and immediatly thought the worst Madison had actually pooped in her little potty (and had taken out the 'bowl' that catches the poop - so she just pooped into the potty!). But in doing so I had also got poop all over the carpet. While Jaime cleaned it all up, Madison kept saying "I'm potty-trained mamma" so proud of herself!

Can't wait to hear what mischief Madison gets into tomorrow! And Good Luck Jaime!

Erin: She is potty-training herself :)

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Great Newspaper Hunt

Tonight was our monthly "Girls Night Out" and it was finally my month to I of course picked The Olive Garden. Which happens to be my favorite resteraunt in the whole wide world! I have been looking forward to this for a long time! Anyway.... Charity got their late (shocker, I know), but told us she had stopped at a couple of stores to pick up a newspaper to save. Brandi then realized she hadn't bought a newspaper either and she loves to collect them. So off we went after dinner on the Great Newspaper Hunt.

We went to a couple of grocery stores, Fred Meyer, gas stations, fast food resteraunts and even a Park 'N Ride - but sadly there were no newspapers. I told her she might as well face the fact that she'd have to buy one off of Ebay! I told her I'd post onto my church's message board (since most Mormon's wanted McCain to win - I figured someone was bound to be willing to give away their paper) and I'd check to see if you could order back issues from the Seattle Times. So she finally dropped me off once we'd hit all the places we could and went home feeling defeated!

I got home and like I pomised posted onto my church's message board. I then went to the The Seattle Times website to see if I could order back issues - and found out that YES YOU CAN! So I sent them an email asking how I can go about picking one up! So we'll see!

Oh and Brandi also checked out Ebay...and they are already available for buying on Ebay, here are 2 of the higher priced auctions ....

The New York Post ~ Starting at $75.00
The New York Times ~ Starting at $399.00

Erin: OH MY GOSH!! $400 for a newspaper??

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes, it is true...the 44th President of the United States of America will be Barack Obama! How awesome is that and how far has America come in the last century. During Obama's acceptance speech he talked quite a bit upon the change that America has seen over the past century and yet we still have a whole long way to go! It' should be really exciting to see what changes come upon America in the upcoming months and years! His speech tonight brought tears to my eyes about how proud I am to be an American and to have been able to be apart of such a monumental day in American History, and went to the polls and voted for him! What a remarkable day this has been!

Since I live in a family of clothes and fashion freaks...we all were discussing the outfits they were wearing and we came to the conclusion that Michelle Obama's dress was really ugly! It looked like she was wearing a pumpkin dress! The dress also made us question if she was pregnant, if she's not it definitely wasn't very flattering! And Jill Biden's suit was a hideous yellow color NOT patriotic at all! The 4 of them standing together on the stage they just looked silly!! LOL!

Oh...and because the world does revolve around me I thought I'd share my exciting election news with ya'll!! Ready...I was the 100th person to vote at my 'station' and the 499th person to vote at the Duvall Church School!! I was a bit annoyed not to be number 500, but I still was close!!

Jaime: I agree about the clothes they were wearing. I did think that the kids looked cute though:)

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Monday, November 3, 2008

I Have A Friend...

who is only 24 and is falling apart! First her hips, now here feet...oh and there's her memory as well ... it's all gone ... what will go next??

love ya Erin...but're even worse then me and my problems and I'm a hypercondriac -- teeheehee! xoxo

Erin: Not a hypercondriac!! Taking Thursday off to rest and see the doctor.

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Election --> Tomorrow!

Yay!! The election is TOMORROW...go Barack go! They (who ever 'they' are ) are estimating that we should know who wins the election by midnight EST (9:00pm here) tomorrow night! As of this point Barack Obama still has a 'large' lead in the polls...but we won't know for sure until tomorrow!

So if you haven't voted yet...get out TOMORROW!!

Going at 6am??
Cori: *shockingly* the polls aren't open at 6am - unless I am heading east LOL! They open at 7am but NO i will not be there that early! I promised my mom I'd go BEFORE noon to make sure 'my vote counted'!

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

We had a FUN halloween this year! We started 'celebrating' on Thursday night with our annual Family Pumpkin Carving Party. We all carved pumpkins and had soooo much fun removing the 'pumpkin poop' (what Madison called it). The pumpkins included....4 dancing ghosts (made by me), a cat (brandi), Barack Obama (jaime), the democrat 'logo' (mary) and a vampire (alex). Plus my dad and Madison both did 'old fashion' ones! So we had quite an eclectic variety!

On Halloween afternoon we (myself, Erin, Jaime & Madison) went with Kim, Sophia & the triplets to "trick or treating in downtown duvall". Sophia was 'supergirl' and the boys were bumblebees & Gabbi was a ladybug. The cutest costume of course was Minnie Mouse Madison! We had fun walking up and down Main Street while Sophie & Madison went store to store in Duvall.

After that we went back to my house and waited for 'real' trick or treating. But by then Madison was way overtired and pretty grumpy. She got spooked by a 'scary ghost' that came to the door, so she didn't really want to go out. We walked up the street but only went to the Harrington's before returning home.We had a GREAT Halloween here - hope you did as well! And I will leave you this evening with our Funny Story of the Night!

*DOOR BELL RINGS* Both my dad & I go and answer the door and standing at the door is Barack Obama! As Barack was leaving my dad said "hey Barack check out your pumpkin". Barak looked down at the pumpkin and then back at my dad and at the pumpkin again - sort of waved to my dad as if he was acknologing my dad. Then turned around a left...

My dad and I looked at eachother dumbfoundly trying to figure out what had happened....we finally realized that we think Barack thought we were calling HIM a PUMPKIN! At that moment we both started laughing histarically! And continue to laugh about it from time to time when one of us brings it up!

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MEDRIX Auction


MEDRIX: Medical ♦ Education ♦ Development of Resourses ♦ International eXchange

So last night I went to an auction benefiting MEDRIX. The only reason I went was the SPU associate dean of the nursing program invited any interested pre-nursing students & nursing students to attend and sit at her table. So my main intention of going was to suck up, schmooze & get my name out there. In addition to the associate dean, Dr. Henshaw, the dean of the nursing program was there, two insturctors and a handful of past students. So that was really cool that I got to introduce myself to them and eat dinner with them in somewhat of an intimiate setting. It was almost like getting a 'mini interview', so that made it totally worth it!

A few days a go I got an email from another student who wanted to attend but didn't have a car asking if she could have a ride. I happily obliged because I figured at least then I'd have someone to hang out with during the event! So I picked up Angie about 4:15 from SPU and we headed to the event in Medina at the Overlake Country Club & Golf Course. Neither one of us had any idea what we were should expect for the event, but we were game to go. Oh and Angie is in the nursing program now, so it was nice to be able to pick her brain on the application process, what she recommended and learned - so that was really helpful!

We arrived a few minutes before 5:00 (when it officially started) and then had basically an hour and a half to wander around. We quickly bid on a few items we were interested in, in the end I was the only 'winner' with one item for my grandma's birthday gift. Then sat down in a seating area to read more about Medrix. While we were sitting, Dr. Henshaw came over and sat with us and we chatted about MEDRIX and what it was, we also got to meet the MEDRIX Board President & also the CEO. The Board President came over and gave us an indepth explantion of what MEDRIX is...

MEDRIX saves lives and improves the quality of life for countless families in Southeast Asia by providing Medical Resources, Education, Safe Water Development, and Clinic Refurbishments.

They send doctors, nurses, social workers, teachers, paramedics, etc. down to Vietnam to teach medical personnel about better methods of medicine, cleanliness and assist with operations for patients down there (heart surgery's for example). They also teach local schools, children and other people of Vietnam about how important safewater is (high percentage of children that die in Vietnam is due to dehydration caused from diahrea from the un-safewater) and provide nutrition training for the people of Vietnam.

I was really impressed and moved by this company. SPU became involved with MEDRIX through their nursing program. Each spring SPU sends 10 of their nursing students to Vietnam with MEDRIX for 5-weeks to due one of their rotations. The SPU nursing students not only get a chance to work with Vietnamese doctors, nurses, and many more - but also learn more about less fortunate countries and how they can help. SPU was also named the MEDRIX "2008 Hero's Award" for all their help and support! So that was a really neat thing to be apart of.

So I went to this auction with the thought of - I DON'T WANT TO GO and only going to get to spend time with the nursing instructors who will decide my fate, but learned a whole lot and ended up really enjoying my time. I am now thinking that maybe (shocking I know) I want to go to Vietnam while I'm in the nursing program. So we shall see! It was a really amazing night and I had a lot of fun!

Erin: Sounds very exciting lol

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ode To A Clean Room!

Hallalujuah I got my room cleaned!! I thought I'd share with you all the amount of work I achieved - I took some before, during & after pics of my room just so you get an idea of what a mess it was! My mom would be mortified if she knew I was posting pictures of it!!

Yay now a CLEAN ROOM!! long will it last??

Tonight, I got to go to a really cool auction for a company, MEDRIX that works with the SPU nursing program, stay tuned tomorrow for a re-cap of that!

Looks great! Nice big clean day for everyone.
Amy: Wow. You weren't kidding about how messy your room was. Good job cleaning it. I'll give you even more props if you can keep it clean. :)

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