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Saturday, November 29, 2008

String of Bad Computer Luck

I was hoping to be able to debut my super cool Thanksgiving Blog but I am giving up for the evening. Thanks to several episodes of just bad luck ... I give up ... and will try again tomorrow! So stay tuned, I'm not totally giving up on my Thanksgiving Post! But on about my bad luck...

I figured that my bad luck was behind me after the Julia picture fiasco and we were lucky enough to get ALL her photos back. What more could go wrong? Well nothing worse did go wrong, that still is the WORST but it's getting quite annoying non-the-less.

Yesterday I was all set to work on my Thanksgiving post that involves video that was taken during Thanksgiving (*sigh* having to give away parts of my post). I grabbed what I thought was the USB chord for my camera and headed over to Jaime's. I got there all ready to work, and I had the wrong chord. Ugh...annoying!

So tonight, Brandi & I decide to start working on our Christmas Gifts for my grandma and parents which involves both photos and video (can't give to much away since I know they all read - haha!). I search high and low for the stupid USB chord, find the one I think it is and its not. Frustrated I talk Brandi into driving in with me to Redmond to go to Radio Shack to buy a new USB chord. We get there, ask for one, show the worker what it looks like and he looks at me and goes 'that's not the USB port slot, that's just for charging the video camera'. Turns out I thought the USB port & the charging slot were the same. Grrrr....I then realize that chord I thought it was at home, probably was right but just to be safe (and knowing my string of bad luck) I decide to go ahead and buy the chord anyway and could always return it if I had a duplicate. Turns out that YES I had the right chord at home!

We get home and need to get on the internet - I then remember that something was wrong with our wireless router and it wasn't working. Brandi however was able to reset it (how I have no idea) and get the internet to work again...this was probably THE ONLY good thing that came out of the evening!

Once we found the USB chord and got the Internet back up and working, we needed to get some pictures off of a CD and get them on my computer, we do so and my computer doesn't recognize my CD/DVD player at all. OMG! Brandi, my dad and I then spend the next 2 hours trying to find a new driver (never could), find the CD/DVD player anywhere on my computer (never could) and then at last resort my dad says 'let's just unistall it and reinstall it'. Did I not forget what I said a few blogs back about NEVER DELETING ANYTHING...well went against that and we did and *SHOCKER* we couldn't find it to reinstall it. So now my laptop has a CD/DVD player that it doesn't detect. By this time its 9:30pm we have gotten NOTHING accomplished on our Christmas gift and decide to move to one of the desktop computers to at least try to accomplish something. We were able to get a small amount done...we still have a long way to go...but a start so that's good.

Once Brandi left I decided that I would work on that Thanksgiving post once again...I finally had all the pieces to the 'puzzle' and was gonna do it. However, now my laptop doesn't recognize the USB driver for the camera, tried to find it online finally got fed up with it all and quit. Brandi & I are supposed to work on our Christmas gift again tomorrow, so hopefully we'll be able to get it figured out!! But in the meantime I'm going to bed rather annoyed and frustrated! Boy do I hate computers!!

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