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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I'm officially at the point in the quarter where I am ready to be done!! I am now right in the middle of week 7 of a 11 week quarter and am tired and DONE! Tomorrow I have a chemistry quiz and I have been studying for it for 2 days now. I am giving up studying for tonight and just will pray I am ready.

Each quarter at about this time I begin to panic. Julia knows to expect my 'omg i can't do this' call during this time. I'm about ready to call her up and vent, complain and listen to her advise and knowledge that if she did it, I can too!

This quarter causes me even more stress because this is my last quarter of my grades counting towards my nursing application GPA. So it will either help or hurt it tremendously - there's no turning back now...just gotta keep chuggin' along. I can and do every quarter, but it still panics me each time!

Less then 3 weeks until Thanksgiving...I can make it to that break...and then there's one week before finals...less then a month....I will survive, I always do.


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