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Friday, November 21, 2008

Thankful For ... Undeleting/Retrival Document Programs!

Last night I had a HORRIBLE experience. Julia asked me if I would help her consolidate all of her photos into one folder instead of the folders all over her computer. So I offered to help...should have known better...

Alec helped me at first and we discoverd that all of the photos looked like they were saving into the folder for PICASA . So we started moving folders & pictures into that folder. After each transfer I double checked and sure enough they showed up in PICASA. So I went ahead and started DELETING the folders. Right before Alec went to bed he had said we should delete the Recycle Bin because it was just about full. Then he went to bed.

When I was done it was a little after 11pm and I went to double check PICASA and ALL the pictures were gone. Okay not all...but all of the pictures from 2004-2006, which included ALL the twins' baby pictures! I about had a heartattack. I woke Alec up to see if he had any idea where the photos might be or how to retrieve them.

We immediatly looked up how to retrieve deleted things from the Recycle Bin to read once you delete the Recycle Bin you CANNOT get it back. At that point I panicked! I was like...Julia is gonna kill me. I started thinking (seriously I did - ask Alec) I'm gonna drive home now (at about 12:30am and I was over an hour from home) and NEVER talk to Julia again. He then said, she knows where I lived to which I said "I'd change my phone number and move"!

After Alec told me I wasn't going to drive home, I said well then I think I need to go wake up Julia because I was freaking out so bad. He told me "you've got to be kidding, Julia is really sick and not feeling well right now - it's probably not a good idea to go wake her". So I said fine turned around and JULIA WAS STANDING RIGHT THERE - wahoooo!! I was able to confess to her what I (okay we, I'm blaming some of it on Alec too) done and that we were trying to retrieve them. Julia was amazingly calm and more worried about me freaking out. So she offered me some medicine to help me calm down - thank-you Julia - and i was able to began to stop panicking and eventually able to sleep.

Alec then found a program online that said they could retrieve deleted files. We immediatly opened it and purchased the program for $30. And amazingly it did find the photos. SLOWLY BUT SURELY it retrieved the pictures. I have never been so thankful for a program in my life!!

We won't know for sure if all the photos are back until Sunday when Alec gets home from work. But we now know that ...

  1. NEVER save your pictures to PICASA - PICASA is JUST A READER not a place to save photos too!
  2. NEVER delete your photos even if you are certain they are somewhere else, because they might not really be there!

  3. ALWAYS back-up your photos. It is a good idea to save them also to DVDs/CDs and even put them in an online photo program such as or

In case you are ever in need of document retrieval program this is the one we bought and I highly recommend -

Before I made this big mistake I did do some scrapbooking for Julia - here are the two layouts I completed yesterday.

Beachtime Fun

Say Cheese

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Erin said...

WOW what a night you had!


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