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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Friday Night Crop Re-Cap

Tonight Brandi & I went to the Friday Night Creating Keepsakes Crop. We had a great time, my only complaint was it wasn't long enough it could have easily gone a couple more hours!! I got 3 layouts (one 2-pager & one 1-pager) completed and got a good start on #4! I think Brandi got 3 done as well, but am not 100% sure. I plan on scanning in my layouts probably on Sunday after church and will post them here for all to see!

Brandi won a set of like 8 accordian scrapbooks & coordinating paper/kits! Really cool gift, but we'll see if she actually uses it!! I didn't win anything tonight, but hopefully will be a big winner tomorrow night!!

Tomorrow afternoon before the crop we'll SHOP SHOP SHOP and the vendor fair!! That is always a ton of fun to get to go and shop for fun scrapbooking supplies!! I can't wait!!

I really should get to bed because it's already after midnight and I have to be ready for another day of scrapping tomorrow!

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