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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Scrapbook Expo 2010 (Part 1: The Layouts)

We went, we scrapped, we shopping and we didn’t sleep!  But BOY OH BOY did we have a lot of fun!!  No lie, we arrived at the event at 7:30am, and started scraping at about 7:45am.  Scrapped non-stop (except for a 1 hour class and 1 hour of shopping) until 11:30pm!  I’m so tired, but wanted to post these layouts tonight before I get to busy and forget!!

I branched out, and started an acrylic (working on plastic) family album, that will be attached with ribbon and ring fasteners.  It’s going to be about 10 pages long I believe, but only got through the first 3!  Only the cover page has a photo on it, I wasn’t prepared.  The second and third pages (my “mom’s”) is done, minus the photos.  But I have now know what size photo to print….just need to find the time to find some!  This is supposed to by my parents’ Christmas present, but I couldn’t wait and showed it to them anyway.  (Anyone who knows me, knows I can’t keep a secret!).  Luckily for me, they both have short memories and will forget probably by tomorrow – ha-ha! 

SBE10 - Family1 (cover)SBE10 - Family2&3 (Mom) - no pics
First 3 pages of my Acrylic Family Album
1st Page: Cover
2nd & 3rd Pages: Dedicated to my mom

Brandi & I also took a class from Boxers Scrapbooks, on Unlocking the Magic of Disney.  They helped us start an adorable chipboard album.  The album is the shape of Mickey, I’ll again, add ribbon and two ring fasteners.  We didn’t get much accomplished in class, but got TONS of fun supplies and a great kit to finish!  I got through the cover page and the first two pages of the book, once again minus photos, and it’s so stinking cute!! 

SBE10 - Mickey1Mickey/Disneyland Chipboard Album Cover
From the Unlock the Magic of Disney Class by Boxer Scrapbooks

SBE10 - Mickey2&3 (no pics)

First 2 pages of my Chipboard Mickey/Disneyland Album
The left page’s photo mat, is actually “accordion” style, and you pull on the ribbon and 10 more photos appear!
From the Unlock the Magic of Disney Class by Boxer Scrapbooks

There of course was a few layouts, that I did for Jaime.  All specifically of Emmalee, because she has so few layouts while Madison has at least two albums just of her first year alone!

SBE10 - 3m

Emmalee’s 3 Month Photos
March 2009

SBE10 - 9mEmmalee’s 9 Month Photos
June 2009
Based on a Sketch by Becky Fleck’s Page Maps

SBE10 - binky My Binky
Emmalee at 1 month, February 2009

We'll I’m absolutely exhausted!  We scrapped all day yesterday, and even toclockok a midnight trip to Denny’s after!  We were so hungry, once the crop was over.  We  didn’t really take much of a break to eat, except for little snacks here and there!  By midnight, we were ravenous!  And yes, I’m a dork and took a picture of the Denny’s clock to show us there after midnight!

I have more to post about, including Brandi’s BIG prize she won and some photos that we took throughout the weekend at the convention!  Later this week I’ll try to get it up and posted, but in the meantime it’s bedtime!!  Hope you all had a great weekend to!  I’m bummed mine is over already.  Why do weekends go by so fast, when the weeks go by so slowly?  Doesn’t make sense…or….seam fair!

I’m linking up today with Mama Manuscripts' Stitching, Sketching and Scrapping Sunday!


After B Comes C said...

Awesome layouts! I love to scrap but I never seem to have time. I too had a weekend with no sleep.

Jacque said...

All the layouts look great! I think I followed you on twitter the other day when I did a search for scrapping! And then today I saw your tweet to come check out your blog... and now I'm following you here too! Hope that's okay! I'm always looking for new 'scrapping' ideas! Can't wait to look around some more - I'll be back. (The boys just woke up from nap so computer time is over for a bit!)
Have a great day!

Kelly said...

I am so glad you had a great time - although who wouldn't ?:)
I love working with acrylic!! Very cool stuff. It's funny how close people seem thru the internet, makes me wanna just hop on over and scrapbook with you :)
Beautiful layouts!!!!

Tye said...

Very nice layouts and I love your blog. I'm a new follower from Tuesday Tag Along..Please visit my blog as well at

Kari @ Mommy's Fabulous Finds said...

Hi, thankyou for following from Tag Along Tuesday. I love your scrapbooking pages!


Mama Manuscripts said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing on my blog! I look forward to seeing more!


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