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Friday, July 9, 2010

A Day at the Beach!

Amy, Alex & I ventured to the beach today with the triplets, Camryn & Jordyn for some fun in the sun!  We had a great time, the kids loved the sand and water, I of course took a lot of pictures!  Like usual I went click-crazy!  Took so many cute photos, that I made them into a collage!


There were a few photos, that were too cute, and needed to be showcased on their own!

DSCN7416The four 3-year-olds enjoying the sand!
(And apparently wishing they were bigger and could play with the older kids!)

Myself & Alex with the triplets
(I dare you to try to get three 3-year-olds to smile at the camera at the same time!  Needless to say I posted the best picture of Alex & I!)

LOVE this photo of the trio!  How sweet is that??!!

We had a great day!!  Got the kids home and they were out!  Their mom even came home early, so I got to leave early too!  What a great way to start the weekend!  A big thank you to my sister, Alex, for helping me out with the triplets, she made the trip more enjoyable for me!  Thanks Amy, for meeting up with us!

Happy Friday!!


Julia said...

Love you Cori, even though you never come around anymore since I don't have any more 'drama' in my life!!! :( But I wanted to let you know maybe you should change change your title to "Day at the River" ;) We have a beach up here! the way...where are their life jackets? Rivers are dangerous! And ... I wish you would have hauled the kidos up here to play!!!! We have a 'bigger' pool now and the tot one, playground and BEACH!!! :( Miss you!!!

Betsy said...

Those are some seriously cute pics. There's just something about the beach that a) makes for awesome photos and b) makes kids just get extra focused.

urban muser said...

thanks for visiting my blog. those are some very adorable pictures. it looks like you had fun.

Cori said...

FYI Julia....we were at the beach :) Very shallow water, perfect for toddlers! I'm not that crazy to take 3 toddlers to the river! I dont even like swimming in the river :)

love ya!

KatBouska said...

They're SO cute!


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