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Friday, July 30, 2010

5 Question Friday


Nothing worth blogging about today!  I’m at work, the kids are playing in the bath nicely (don’t worry, I’m sitting here with them about 1 foot from the tub) and I’m trying to get some “work” done while they are content!  So I’m linking-up today with Five Crooked Halos and her

So without further ado, the questions…..

1. Did you have a favorite blanket or toy as a kid? If so, do you still have it?

Yes, I did, I had a little pillow, which I named Bee-jue.  Why that name I have no idea!!  It was my best friend until it landed on the heater and started to burn…at that point I had to throw it away :(  Luckily, I’m now finally over it

Well this is how far I can go right now with them….the content-ness in the bath is long gone now!  Gotta get them out, before they flood the bathroom! 


Okay, I’m back again.  Kids are once again playing nicely.  Pizza is on its way and I’m trying to finish this blog post before I’m interrupted again!

2. Do you dream in color?

That’s an interesting question, Yes, I do dream in color, I think.  In fact, I remember most of my dreams.  It’s odd because a lot of people hardly remember any part of their dreams – and yet I vividly can replay my dreams. 

3. How tall are you? Do you wish you were shorter or taller?

I’m 5’4”, I like the height I am.  Average is good :-)

*SIGH* didn’t make it to far again!  I have to go finish prepping for the pizza to arrive!  I have lots of hungry kids wanting lunch!  I’ll be back…


Yay, it’s naptime!  The triplets are all down, and quiet, yippeee!!  I’m hoping they took a good nap – 3 hours would be nice!  Okay back to the questions…

4. If you could have anyone's (celeb or other) voice as the guide on your GPS, who would it be?

McDreamy, he just has that kind of voice…nice, soft and serene!  That or the Price is Right Announcer, love that show :-)  It’s a toss up for me!

5. Do you return your shopping cart to the corral or leave it wherever in the parking lot?

I (99% of the time), return the carts to their corral.  I hate random shopping cards in the parking lot!  The only time I don’t, and pop the front cart wheels over a curb/planter thing is if I have kids in the car and it’s to far to walk back to a car return.

Few…I finished it with no more interruptions!!  It only took me 3 hours to answer 5 questions, not to shabby!  Hope everyone has a great Friday!!


Kimberly said...

My favorite toy is Sam the Man, he's in my home office to the right of my desk. (he's a pillow man) - I still hug him when I'm sad.

Yep, I dream in color.

I'm 5'3" and I wish I were 5'5"

I would like Morgan Freeman's voice on my GPS

I always return the shopping cart; especially when the weather is extreme.

Hannah said...

LOL, that was quiet the effort for five question Friday! I hope you have a great weekend!


Sherri said...

So funny, I loved "following" you through your answering to the questions! Wasn't sure how far you'd get....

Happy Friday!

Unknown said...

McDreamy is a great answer except- I think it may cause accidents, meaning I wouldn't be paying attention to the road. I'd be dreaming of Patrick Dempsey's hair. haha! Anyway, I found you on Blog Frog's follow friday and I'm your newest follower. I hope you have a moment (naptime?) to follow me back and take a look at my first giveaway post. I'll see you around!
Julie @ Bunches of Bargains

Kristen said...

You will either be so completely prepared to be a mom by the time you finish as a nanny to triplets or you will get a hysterectomy. I have had days like that, where it took forever to get a few things done. Great post!

Unplanned Cooking said...

I can't believe you nanny for triplets! You must be really good with kids :). I love McDreamy too.

Following from Buddy Notes.


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