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Sunday, May 3, 2009

The ZOO Crew

Friday was a beautiful day, so Jaime & I ventured to the Woodland Park Zoo for a fun day with the kids.  We had a great time, actually saw some animals (normally we show up eat and then have to go), I got a lot of exercise pushing the triple jogger and  did I mention the weather was gorgeous?!   All the kids did really well (thanks in part to the snacks we were stuffing them with!) and they too seemed to enjoy the zoo! 

Seeing Animalszoo1 5-10zoo4 5-10








zoo5 5-09








 zoo2 5-09 zoo3 5-09    zoo 5-09

Everyone was really excited to ride on the carousel, until we got on it.  Gabbi was willing to ride on a horse with Madison & Jaime and I took the boys to sit in the ‘sleigh’.  Jack didn’t like it at all, so I couldn’t get ever good shots of them.  But I tried…

                         Riding the Carousel

zoo1 6-09

zoo6 5-09
My attempt at a photo of me and the boys!zoo7 5-09 zoo8 6-09

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