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Friday, May 22, 2009

Met with my micro prof

Today I sat down to my micro professor to go over my grades and the chance I have of getting a B-. I was so nervous to sit down with him, he seemed so impersonal and mean, so I had no idea what to expect. But to my surprise he was super nice and very helpful and actually seemed like he cared.

He told me that exams are only 300/1000 points in the class, and to try and not worry to much about not doing well on the exams. I really just need to get an A+ on my RSV poster (which I feel positive about). I showed him my storyboard (rough draft) and he said it looked good, but a little busy. So I may need to make some changes, I'll see what happens when I get it back.

He also was concerned on why I am doing well in Lab (90% in that class), and yet I cannot seem to take the exams. We talked about how I study and prepare and then he told me to go talk to the Center For Learning to get help on preparing. He also said that many students who show the same trend, tend to have a Learning Disability with Test Anxiety. So he emailed the CFL and told them he was sending me over to talk.

I immediately went over and set-up an appointment with the Director and we're going to meet on Thursday to start looking over my exams, and figure out what techniques might work best for me. She'll help me prepare for my final in micro and then we'll meet during the summer to go over my results and try to make a plan for next year. She also broached the topic of a Learning Disability but said she wanted to try this plan first and see if I just don't know the best way for me to prepare and study for exams. If after the final I haven't seen much improvement she said we could discuss getting tested for a learning disability. So we'll see what happens!

I will meet with Dr. Wood again on Tuesday, he sent me home with some things to do this weekend to help me out. He said that he doesn't think I'll have a problem getting the B- I need to get into the nursing program, but I really need to work hard and also prove to him and Dr. Bishop that I know what I am doing. So we'll see how the final 3 weeks go!

In the meantime...IT'S MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! Yay! And the weather is beautiful to boot! Double YAY YAY!!

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