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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!!

Today we had beautiful weather to celebrate Mothers Day!!  My dad made Belgium Waffles with strawberries and whipped cream – yum!!  We had 4 mom’s attend our brunch, my mom, grandma, Aunt Sue and Jaime!!

I got my mom 2 really beautiful planter box ornament things (hard to explain), but basically a pretty butterfly with a glass orb (Brandi’s wording…not so sure about that word!  ORB=ball) that glows in the dark!!  It looks really nice in her planter boxes!! 

Emmalee & Madison also got the “grandma’s” (Grandma, my mom and Sue) stepping stones with Madison’s handprint and Emma’s footprint in them!  Madison then decorated them with marbles and mosaic tiles.  Hands down those were the best gifts…think even my mom liked hers more then my gift!!  She even requested another one each year…hmmm!!  I feel replaced!!

The Moms





 md4 md6






While everyone was finishing up brunch, Emmalee started to get fussy, so I took her outside to the swing.  Once outside and swinging she got very happy and giggly, so I grabbed the camera to take a couple of pictures!


Alex then decided to jump into the picture!md2

We went to Molbaks Nursery after brunch to look and buy flowers!  We used to go to Molbak’s every Mothers Day when I was little, so it was fun to re-new the tradition!  Kelly & I used to walk up and down the rows of flowers picking the flowers that had fallen on the ground and being so proud of our findings!  Sophia went along with us, and had fun with Madison.  Don’t Madison & Sophie look like they are sisters??


After everyone headed home, Brandi & I played two games of Phase 10, where we both won one game.  We should have played a rubber-neck game but we didn’t and went on to play The Game of Life: Twists & Turns.  This is a spin off of the original Game of Life, but now is electronic!!  You get to set how many ‘years’ you will play, and Brandi kept adding more and more ‘years’ onto the game when I wasn’t looking!!  I finally caught her and put a stop to it!!  She went on to win…ugh, I lost bad!!  Oh well, I will win next time!!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Mothers Day, I know I did!  I believe I have the WORLDS GREATEST MOM and love her so very much!! 

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