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Friday, May 15, 2009

Brain Freeze...or Lack of Brain?

Ugh...I had a total brain fart tonight!! I was following Brandi to Monroe tonight and we were talking about going to the Mariners game tomorrow night. She then asked me "you know where the tickets are right". Of course I knew where they were, I'd been looking at them every single time I open my wallet for the past week and a half...happily sitting in their Ticket Master Envelope!! But I figured I should double check, so while driving in the dark and talking to Brandi I reach for my purse in the backseat and start going through my wallet (safe I know!). Which to my shock they weren't there!

I immediately tell Brandi I have to pull over and look for the tickets. So we both pull into a parking lot and start pulling my car apart. We spent a good 15 minutes looking and finally came to the realization they weren't there (that or it was way to dark to tell). I decide to call The Mariners Team Store in Bell Square and hope they are open (it is 9:50pm) to see if they can re-issue my tickets. Thankfully they were open (soooo lucky), and they said they couldn't re-issue the tickets, but I could do it at Safeco Field. So I decided I would just do that if I had too. So we started back towards Monroe.

Driving home I decide to give Jaime a call to make sure I hadn't given her the tickets (I hadn't), so I decided "oh well, we'll just get them tomorrow before the game". We made it to the Condo and Brandi & I once again pull my car apart (this time cleaning it out too...see I had a plan haha) and still no tickets. So as we're walking inside, Brandi tells me "just call your house and double check they aren't there". She had already told me to do it once, but I KNEW they WERE NOT THERE. But I had no other choice, and figured I had nothing to lose (except for her to be right). So I called home.

Alex answered and before I had even spit out my whole "will you see if you can find my Mariners tickets". Alex said, "you mean these tickets sitting right here?". Ugh...I vaguely remember setting them on the desk by the front door. Apparently I decided the tickets were safer inside (why on the desk, to be lost I have no clue) and brought them in. Overall I have NO recollection of doing so, but apparently I did.

I am totally losing it! But on the bright side I have the tickets! It will make for a far less stressful day tomorrow!

1 comment:

brandi said...

You should know by now I AM ALWAYS RIGHT!!


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