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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Big Girls & Little Girls

On Saturday, I watched the girls while Jaime got her haircut and Zackery worked.  I decided to head up to Marysville and hang out with Amy, Camryn & Jordyn for the morning!  This was the first time all 4 girls got together (okay granted the babies are almost 5mo & 2mo!).  So it was fun to watch them interact with each other (or just lay next to each other!). 

I think it’s really cool that both Camryn & Madison are close in age (6 months apart) have little sisters that are close in age too (Em 4mo & Jordyn 1mo)!  It should be fun to watch them grow up!

I took a handful of pictures with Amy’s camera, and she posted them on Facebook, so I stole then from there and now am posting them here!

The Big Girls (aka Camryn & Madison)c&mcm5cm2

The Little Girls (aka Emmalee & Jordyn)cm6  

Big & Little Sisters!cm3

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