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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Ramblings

Nothing really exciting to say - so doing more of a 'journal' post of my day...

This morning I slept in and it felt really great! I think the yoga last night helped a lot in relaxing me and being able to shut off my brain!! I went to bed at a reasonable time and got up about 10:30! Made for a much happier Cori today!

This morning Allie, Erin and I went to Oasis. They got pedi's, and I got a new set put on. I feel human again to have my nails back! I broke my pinky nail early last week and then yesterday broke the thumb nail. After the thumb nail completely cracked I popped the rest off (yes, very painful!). But I feel better now! They are a little longer then I normally get, but I'm happy!

After Oasis, Erin & I met up Brandi, Jaime & the girls at the mall to do some shopping. I was good today and didn't buy anything (I have a big shopping addiction)! But I had fun wandering around and looking with everyone else. We went to Costco after and it was a mad house in the parking lot. Plus we had HAIL and were getting pelted as we ran inside. Madison LOVED the hail and kept eating the hail balls from off Erin's coat! Gross but funny!

After Costco, Erin had to go to work but the rest of us headed back to my house in the snow for "Nacho Bar" night. Yes, I said SNOW...we got a couple of inches this evening, but it looks like the roads are pretty clear, its just mostly on the grass. Anyway...Zak met up with us at my house where my parents set up a 'make your own nachos' bar - with all the fixin's. It was so good, each one of us got our own tray and made up our own gourmet nachos! They were delicious!! It's always fun to get to make your own just how you like it!

After everyone headed home I worked on my lesson for tomorrow on Repentance. Seems like a fun lesson - so I hope the kids are good and willing to listen and participate! Last week was my first real week of doing my star chart (see my post on it from January 31st on Preparing for Church). I ended up modifying my idea, because I soon realized that if I didn't I'd be throwing ice cream parties every month! I love my 6-year-olds...but not that much! LOL! So I decided to keep how they can earn stars ....
  • attending church
  • being good during sharing time (keeping their CTR shield - they have a shield to hold, if I have to take the shield away - no sticker)
  • being good during lesson time (keeping all the CTR letters - aka they get 3 warnings before no sticker!)

but instead of having it based off of how many stars they get in a month - I will throw them an ice cream party once they get 200 stickers on the chart! It worked wonders last week, so hopefully it works again this week!!

Okay I think I have rambled on long enough...have a good evening...we'll see if the snow continues and what happens tomorrow! Until then....Ciao!

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