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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Preparing for Church....

I just finished my lesson for tomorrow and I also came up with a 'rewards chart' - so I am hoping it helps with the lack of reverence and non-stop talking during class time! I am sure it won't go perfectly, but I still can hope!! So here's what I did ...

Along the left is each child's name and then a square for each day of the month. Each Sunday they get up to 5 chances to get stickers for that day. At the end of the month the number of stickers they have determines their reward!! Since food isn't allowed it was hard to come up with rewards! But here's what I did ...

Rewards: *there is a chance to get 80 stickers/month*
75+: Ice Cream Party (outside of church)
70-74: Watch a church movie during class time
60-69: Class Game
50-59: Stickers
40-49: Sit on the floor during class time
39 or less: Take a walk outside

How can they earn stickers?
- Being there
- Saying the opening prayer
- Good listener during sharing time
- Good listener during class time
- Saying the closing prayer

We'll see how it goes this month...I'm not sure if I'm giving out to many stickers but last week one of my kids asked "do I get a sticker for saying the opening prayer?". So I figured more is better then less in this case! I'll check back in in a month and let you all know how it went!

Wish me luck!

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