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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Alex's Piano Recital & Meeting Josie

Today was Alex's Winter Piano Recital and Alex did a great job!! I wanted to share Alex's two recital pieces with all of you!! She is so talented and I was really proud of her!! Alex played two pieces "Silent Night" and "German Dance".

Meeting Josie
So Grandma and Zackery got a puppy today, a 6-month-old collie named Josie. This afternoon we all went over to Grandma's house to meet the puppy. She is definitely a puppy and pretty wild, especially with Madison around!! Oliver & Lucee (Grandma's cats) aren't overly found of Josie, but I am sure they will all get along just fine in the near future .... make that me too!

I'm not a big dog fan (okay not at all and make that all animals!), but I hope to be able to not freak out whenever Josie comes near me!! That's my goal...I can do it!! If I don't, it's gonna be really hard (and boring) to go to Grandma's house!! So my goal is to not be such a scaredy-cat around Josie!!

In final notes...I took my video camera back to RadioShack today and they happily exchanged it for a new one. They seemed to think that I just got a bad camera last time! So hopefully this one is better...if not I'll be sad and will be returning it to get a better one!!

I recorded Alex's recital on the old video camera so it's still kind of hazy looking, but hopefully this is the last one like that!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Good Job Alex! I was never successful in learning the piano. Well actually the keyboard. lol

Also, I am with you Cori. I am not a dog fan. I am never comfortable around them.


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