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Monday, January 12, 2009

Home Sweet Home

After a week staying at Zak and Jaime's, tonight after school I came home! I had a lot of fun hanging out at the condo, but it sure is nice to come home!! Tonight's post is another mish-mosh of miscellaneous things that are going on that I wanted to write about, but really have nothing to do with each other!

I finished another LONG Monday at school!! Today was better though, I ate a good lunch, bought a kit-Kat bar to eat during my walk between my theology class & lab and then ate a good dinner which included caffeine to make it through my final lecture! I made it through the day not feeling lightheaded or hungry from lack of food and not totally exhausted!! It was a good day!!

The Great Flood
I never got pictures of this flood - but let me tell you it was BAD. We had the worst flooding from the Snoqualmie river ever. Apparently in Carnation the river was at least 1ft higher then the highest it had ever been and when it was reported was expected to rise even higher. All 4 ways in and out of Duvall were flooded and closed . The Woodinville-Duvall road sustained such bad damage it looked like an earthquake or a tornado had hit it. Duvall was isolated from the entire world from Thursday morning through today when the last road finally opened.

On a funny note...leaving school today I was remind myself that the 124th bridge was still closed and to prepare myself to have to drive around. However, I apparently forgot and I was halfway across 124th when I realized "wow i guess it's open since I'm crossing it". It was a good thing it wasn't still flooded or I might have been in trouble. Then again, I'd hope I'd have noticed the closed signs!

Alex's Aussie
Alex has an Australian staying with us for 10 days through Cedarcrest. Her name is April and she seems really nice. Granted I've spent all of maybe 15 minutes with her in the 3 days she's now been here! Oh well, she'll be here another week so there's still time to get to know her. But on the negative, Alex is living in my room while April is here!! I'll be happy to get my room back!

Even though Emmalee was born at 37 weeks, which is considered full term, she seems to be on the preemie side of it and has had some problems with jaundice. When she left the hospital her jaundice levels were 6 (normal), but by Thursday they had jumped to 16. There was talk of having to put her in the hospital on intense UV lights, but they decided to wait it out and see. Today she went back in for a check-up and her levels had dropped to 13.1!! So she's slowly dropping which is good news!!

She also now has passed her birth weight and weighs 6#15oz!!

More triplets in Duvall
I guess there must be something in the water, I just found out from Charity that there is a lady who just brought her triplets home from the hospital that also lives in Duvall! The new triplet mom and I have been in contact and it looks like I may be able to pick up a few hours a week with them to help them survive!! We'll see what comes out of it - but regardless Charity & I are going to go and visit her this week. Kim also has been in contact with her and is bringing her several meals to help her out!

With this new set of triplets it brings the city of Duvall up to 4 sets of triplets and a set of quadruplets! That's crazy since this is a teeny-tiny city with a population of less then 8,000!

Okay, I really need to get to sleep! Hope you have a fantastic Tuesday - I'm going to!! It's Brandi's birthday and we're going to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner...yummy!!

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