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Monday, January 26, 2009

Amazement of Text Messaging & Email

Today there was a LOCKDOWN at our school after the campus US Bank was robbed and the robber then ran onto campus. Within 2 minutes of the robbery I had been contacted via text message on my cell phone telling me that the school was in lockdown and what to do. Within 6 minutes my dad and I had received emails regarding the lockdown which included a description of the robber.

I was fortunately (or unfortunately since I missed all the action) was home when it happened so I wasn't on campus to see exactly how the faculty and students dealt with the lockdown. But from what I heard after I went to school today it was pretty flawless.

After the Virginia-Tech tragedy last year, SPU made it a high priority to put a warning system into effect and for the first time today they really got to put it to use! I am absolutely amazed by it, as our my parents. They are thrilled with the idea that they too get contacted and receive all information that SPU sends out during an emergency.

It amazes me that SPU was able to contact the majority of the student body via text-messaging within 2 minutes and then faculty, students and parents via email with information within 6 minutes. That absolutely blows my mind.

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