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Monday, February 2, 2009

Flemmer Family Fast & Success in Primary!

My Grandma Plane (aka my mom's mom Grandma Flemmer), last week was diagnosed with some type of cancer in the blood. The doctors think they caught it early enough and are positive that it should be easily removed. She has to undergo chemo, and if I'm right in the form of a pill? She went in for tests last week and we should have more information on Wednesday. Yesterday, was fast Sunday and our whole extended family had a fast to pray for Grandma. I hope that everything is okay and that she can beat the cancer quickly and with very little pain.

Yesterday, i debuted my Star Chart for my primary class and I have t say it was a success! Those kids will do anything for an Ice Cream Party...I think at the end of the month I may need to make it harder to get stars or maybe they'll have to wait longer (like 2 or 3 months instead of just 1), because at this rate if I don't, I'll be throwing parties for them every month! They got a total of 18 stars yesterday and were proud of themselves!!

I had very little talking and fidgeting during class time, since we have sharing time first, I couldn't really penalize them for being loud/destructing during it, so they all got stars but starting next week...

Sharing Time: I will give each of them a CTR shield at the beginning of sharing time, and I will take the shield from them if they need reminding to be reverent. When we get to class if they still have their shield I'll give them a star

Class Time: They each get CTR written by their name on the board, if they get warned for being loud, distracted, etc. I'll erase one letter. If all 3 letters are gone by the end of the class time, they won't get a sticker. If they still have letters left they can have a sticker. I only had 1 child lose 1 letter...and boy were they well behaved! We did watch a movie, so maybe that had something to do with it!

I'm excited to see how next Sunday goes, and if this week was just a fluke or if it will work from now on! It definitely was easier to teach without them being so wiggly!!!

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