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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Louie, Louie

Today, I got to go and pick up Louie the dog with Julia and the kids. The place we went to pick up the dog was in Kent so it took us almost 2 hours both directions to get their from Camano. We spent 3 hours waiting for this darn dog to arrive, but he finally came and we headed home.

We met Erin at the Olive Garden on our way through Totem Lake then headed back to Camano. We got home and it was already bedtime for the kiddos, so Julia & Erin played with Louie. I provided support! I got to admit, Louie is a really good dog and he hasn't barked yet!!

Here are a few pictures of Louie. Erin makes a couple cameo's in the photos. She was playing with Louie and on a couple of times jumped up on was hilarious! To bad I couldn't catch it with the camera!!

Here is a funny video of Mackenzie cracking up in the car!! She is hilarious!!

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