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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


We got home about midnight last night from a FUN FUN FUN trip to Disneyland!! It went by so quickly and we did so much! I have to say I don't have a favorite memory that I can think of!! The closest I can pick would be Zackery getting soaked on Splash Mountain and Brandi & I getting really soaked on Grizzly Peak!!

Madison was a trouper even though most of the trip she ran a fever and was drugged with Tylenol. She had a lot of fun despite that!! We even lucked out and she'd sleep in the stroller during the day - so we never had to go back to the hotel for her to rest! We got up really early (often up and out of our hotel room by 730am) and would get home really late (after 9pm).

Brandi took more then 1,000 photos, and I took some videos that hopefully I will get a video up this weekend! But unfortunately I am back into school mode already with a test tomorrow that I gotta get through! *YUCK*. So stay tuned for more vacation stories!

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