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Thursday, February 12, 2009

So Close....

I'm putting the finishing touches on my application. I have now printed out the actual application, and am just doing final edits on my essays (thanks Brandi & mom!). I'm getting really anxious now about submitting it and getting in.

I met with my nursing advisor yesterday and she warned me that my gpa was 2.94, and not the 3.0 that they normally accept. I got up this morning and called Shauna Miner who tutored me for awhile to ask her to write a reference for me. You have to understand that I haven't talked to Shauna in like a year and a half since she moved. So I had to call her out of the blue and ask her to write a reference for me that was due TOMORROW! Shauna came through for me and by 4pm she had an amazing reference for me!! THANK YOU SHAUNA!!

I also got awesome recommendations from MARK & KIM and JULIA! Thank you guys for all your support and time you have given to me!!

I have a couple of pieces of the puzzle left to do tomorrow.
  • I still need my mom to read one last time through my essays (she's down in Palm Springs),
  • print them and add them to my application
  • print my cover letter for my references and attach it
  • pick up my reference from Shauna in Redmond
  • close the envelope and seal it with a good luck kiss!!

Kim had a bright red manila envelope for me to use, so my application should stick out!! Almost done!!

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