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Friday, March 27, 2009

Whole Lotta Kids

Today I worked for Kim, Kim’s Sister Patty & Kristin.  So I had the trio (Gabbi, Nate & Jack), Ryan and Cody for 7 hours today.  Cody is the oldest at 28-months-old and the triplets and Ryan are 22-months-old – that made 5 kids for me!  If that wasn’t enough chaos I invited Amy and Camryn to come and join the circus!  Later in the afternoon, Jaime and her girls came over to play and Sophie got home from school so we ended up with 8 kids 3-years-old and younger and a 6-year-old!

Overall the kids played really well together.  We had a few tiff’s here and there, but pretty darn good!  And even best my 5 all napped at the same time for almost 2 hours!

I took a handful of pictures of the fun today – here are some of the better ones!

All 6 Kids in ONE FRAME!
If you look closely you can see my bribery ;)

A Few Random Fun Playing PicsIMG_6002 IMG_6009IMG_6002 IMG_6008 IMG_6007

Then we had some lunch…
Mac ‘N Cheese, Apples & Hotdogs

Pictures with Jaime, Amy & All the little kids
*The baby right in front is a DOLL and not real!*
IMG_6014Oops…missing 2 kids!

Can you find all 8 kids?IMG_6017  IMG_6015 IMG_6016 

It was a fun day, but now I am exhausted and am ready for a good night of sleep!! 

Ohhh…TODAY IS AMY’S DUE DATE!!  No baby Jordyn yet, but she’ll be here soon!  GO AMY GO!!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Very cute pictures. I like how you pointed out that the baby on the floor face down is a doll. lol Sad if someone actually thought that was a real baby.


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