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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Figured Out the Pattern.....

I have my o-chem final tomorrow night and I have been working like mad studying for the exam. One large portion of the exam (25pts) is being able to recreate this's kinda hard to see...but you get the picture...lots of things to memorize...
This afternoon I sat down to study and learn this and was just trying to MEMORIZE it. I had the hardest time keeping the OH's (hydroxy's) straight (as you can see their are a lot of them). So I decided to take a breather and study something else. My prof made the comment that 'it's really easy if you can figure it out'. So I knew there had to be some pattern.
  • First I figured out that in each line -- every 2 OH's are next to each other for the first line

That was helpful and I then tried to memorize it from that was easier but still hard. So I kept looking...

  • Then I discovered the big discovery...that going from the bottom OH was the exact same as the 'parent chain' it came from and since I know what the TOP OH already is I can fill out the pattern!

And from there I could easily fill out my chart with no problem! YAY!! It makes me feel smart and like I actually know what I am doing!! I'm sure not one of you actually cares...or will take the time to actually figure out what I mean....but for me this is a BIG accomplishment that I wanted to share!

I am now working on memorizing the name of each one with funny little mnemonic devices such as ... Grandma Edna Taught Reba and Xander Letters (for the first 6)!

And in case you were curious this is a list of D Family of Aldoses. And an aldose is a certain type of simple sugar! Wow I feel so smart! Now hopefully I'll feel this good tomorrow night...

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