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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

SO TIRED ... Fun Book to Read!

It drives my mom crazy but my answer to her question "how are you" is always "sooooooo tired". I am in my final week and a half of the quarter (didn't even realize my final in UFDN is next Wednesday). I'm just exhausted. I spend every waking moment either studying, doing homework, at school or working/helping friends. There is no downtime for me right now, it's just go go go go go.

The sad thing is during the day I am super tired - but when I get home I normally get a second wind and am wide awake. Many days I am counting down to 8pm so I can go to bed at a semi-reasonable time...but 8pm comes and goes and I again find myself going to bed after midnight. Last night I was in bed a little after 8pm (IN BED), but decided to just read a couple of pages of my book and then next thing I knew I finished that book and started and completed another one....and it was 12:15am.

I did however finish a really great book...Mouse Tales: Behind-The-Ears Look at Disneyland by David Koenig. After going to Disneyland I was interested in the history/biography of the park. So I found this book at the library and really enjoyed it!
The author takes you on a behind the scenes journey through the history, building, rides, riots, employees, accidents, and even deaths that have occurred at The Happiest Place On Earth. I must admit I enjoyed reading this book...but when I finished was a bit creeped out by it!! I was kinda happy I didn't read it before I went to Disneyland! I however, would highly recommend it to any Disney Fan! Fun, fast and easy read!!

So tonight I have now finished that book, I hope to get to sleep at a reasonable's done at 8pm so I should be home by 8:45, the key is to NOT bring my laptop to my room or open a new book!!

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brandi said...

Sounds cool-- i want to read it


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