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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crafty Cori

…okay and Brandi & Jaime!

The last couple of days Brandi, Jaime and I have been in a crafting mood. Normally our craft of choice is scrapbooking, but lately we’ve gotten the sewing bug. I took sewing classes when I was little, but it still had been a long time since I had sewed anything until just recently when Brandi & I made Emmalee's Baby Blanket. So we figured we should try something else!

Jaime has been working on getting the girls’ rooms really girly lately (see Jaime’s Big Girl Room post to see pics!). The last thing that was needed was drapes for the windows. While wandering around the mall one day we came across a cute idea in a store and figured we could make it ourselves…so we did! curtain 3 curtain curtain2

Since making the curtains this past weekend, Jaime really has been researching different things she can sew. She decided to start simple and make a couple of bibs out of extra fabric and baby blankets she had. Looked like she was having so much fun that I had to join in.

Madison designed (choose the fabric & ribbon placement) a big for Emmalee and then I put it together. I’m not a seamstress by any means but had fun none the less! Here is my bib (Julia would be so proud!).

Front of the Bib Back of Bib


Front & Back

Apparently our craftiness is contagious, Amy and her mom Debbie are making curtains for Camryn & Jordyn’s room like the ones we made for Madison & Emmalee! I cannot wait to see how theirs turn out!!


Amy said...

Looks great! I have no desire to sew but I admire people that do. :)

Linda Benson said...

Hey Cori, Who knew???? By the way, Madison's room and the curtains are adorable. Great job, yah?



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