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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

HaPpY bIrThDaY kEnNeDy, MeLiSsA & aNgElIqUe!

Wow the girls are 10 years old today – T-E-N. Wow that just blows my mind!! I swear it was just yesterday when I knocked on their door and got my first real ‘nanny’ job at 13!! Man…that means I am also getting old!!

Some of my favorite (or memorable) memories include…

  • Thing it was BGG triplets and being shocked when I changed the third diaper and realizing it was GGG!
  • Taking them to church and eventually seeing them be baptized
  • Numerous trips including San Francisco, Disneyland, Miami, Disneyworld and Portland to name a few
  • Paul taking us up hwy 1 and me getting SOOOO carsick (okay probably not a good memory)
  • Talking Paul into buying 3 new cars!
  • The great Dishwasher incident
  • The great shopping incident which lead to me tearing my rotator cuff
  • LOTS of nights spent tagging clothes for the T&Tsale!

We sure have had a lot of great memories in the past ten years (wow a DECADE!). Happy Birthday Girls and I cannot wait to celebrate it with you on Sunday!! XOXO

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