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Monday, April 13, 2009


Tonight I'm working at the Harrington's and was cleaning up the kitchen when I decided to refill the soap dispenser that's attached to the kitchen sink. I had refilled it many times, so thought nothing of it when I filled it again. So I started filling.

I filled and filled, and kept testing the soap dispenser and still no soap coming out so I dumped more. After dumping about 1/2 the bottle I decided to check what was wrong UNDER the sink. Opened up the cupboard and realized there was NO BOTTLE! I was just dumping dish washing soap into the cupboard and had TONS of soap! I immediately emptied the cupboard (it held all their chemicals, cleaning supplies, etc) and got to wiping and cleaning.

Luckily they had cupboard sheet things that were made of plastic so I pulled those out and just rinsed them. The sink was SOOOO full of suds it wasn't funny. I ended up having to move to the bathroom sink to rinse more because I the kitchen sink was so full. It took me almost 30minutes, but I finally got it all cleaned up. The kitchen sink is still completely filled with soap suds, but they keep popping and going down. Hopefully by the time I get here tomorrow they'll be gone!

The good news is under the sink is now REALLY clean and my hands have been thoroughly washed!!

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