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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Movin’ On Up – Part II & My Oh My Mariners

Movin’ On Up – Part II

Yep, it’s official … I’m now #5 on the SPU Nursing Waiting list!  Just 5 people need to quit now and I am in…it seems like just yesterday I was Movin' On Up to spot #6!! 

Last week when I got the email that my status had changed I was at the “Green Park” with the triplets sitting on the weird bouncy trampoline wannabee thingy.  And sure enough, today I once again was sitting there when I got the email!!  Guess I need to hang out there more often!

My Oh My Mariners

The 2009 Seattle Mariners are AWESOME!  They are now 7-2, and have won their last 6 games!!  We are in first place and actually look like a real team!!  Tonight there were a couple of really cool events that happened!

  1. Ken Griffey, Jr. hit his 400th homerun as a Seattle Mariner  - 400 homeruns, that’s just insane!  He is definitely boosting morale of the team and the fans!!  So far his arrival back in Seattle has been nothing but positive and uplifting!
  2. Ichiro hit a GRAND SLAM in his first game of the 2009 season – Ichiro has been on the disabled list all season until this point – so today was his 2009 debut and in typical Ichiro fashion he made it BIG!

The Mariners went on to beat the Angels 11-3!!  Can’t wait to see what they can do again tomorrow night!!

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