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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Life as an Only Child!

For those of you who don’t know, I have been an only child for the past week!  Both Kelly & Alex are on separate vacations in Ireland of all places!!  Alex went with Cedarcrest for Spring Break and Kelly went to visit a friend she met on our cruise 3 years ago.  And with them being gone, it is the first time I have been an only child in 20 years!!  Needless to say I have been basking in the attention!!

I thought it would be fun to go back to the days when I was an only child…while they were short, just barely 3 years, they were the best three years of my life ;)

cori 008                      My Mommy & I
      August 1985

cori 002




                     Happy Family at the Happiest Place on Earth
October 1985




cori 004                                Brandi & I 

cori 006My Daddy & I
2 years old – 1987
cori 007

cori 003    I had a cheezy grin back then too! 
3 years old - 1988

cori 005        Zackery, Cori & Brandi
almost 3 years old - 1988

cori 001




The Sad Day…my 3rd Birthday and the day the news came that Kelly would arrive in just 2 weeks           August 1988

Return to today….April 8, 2009…to ‘celebrate’ one last time before the girls start coming home my mom, dad, and I went to the Olive Garden for dinner – my FAVORITE restaurant!  I made sure I documented the event for all to remember!  I took ones with just my mom and just my dad but for some reason they didn’t take to well…darn camera phone!  But here is a group shot as we were leaving!


I have to leave with this email I got from Kelly today in response to a threat from my parents to email them to let them know she arrived…I know this is supposed to be an All About Me blog, but I couldn’t resist, this is totally my sister.

A preface of the email: Kelly’s plane was delayed 5 hours in Seattle leaving and so when she got to New Jersey she just barely made her connecting flight…needless to say she arrived in Ireland with no bag!  Still no sign of it, but hopefully soon!

From: Kelly Benson
Date: April 8, 2009
Subject: RE: Send Your Parents An Email

Dear Life Providers-

I’m not coming back. I am home! It is so beautiful here wow wow wow!! I saw a castle today, it was amazing and on our way back there was a huge rainbow, literally the biggest rainbow I have ever seen and it looked like it stopped right in front of his house!! Steven and I get on better in person then online, which is beyond amazing. I am having so much fun. His family is so incredible and all of his friends are awesome. Tina is a doll!! She is so nice and believe it or not I am really excited for camping and surfing!!! We're headed to a pub now to watch liverpool vs. chelsea with a bunch of his friends. Tell everyone I say hello and goodbye because I'm going to miss my flight back! My bag still has not come, but we went shopping earlier so I'm set for a couple of days - hopefully it comes soon, I slept in Steve's shorts last night. Everything is wonderful, Alex can have my room.

Love You All!!!


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