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Monday, April 6, 2009

PLAY BALL & More Sewing

Today was the Mariners Season Opener and they WON!! We are now 1-0, wahoooo!! There is nothing more enjoyable then baseball season…and summer! It also was Ken Griffey, Jr’s. first game back as a Mariner and he hit a HOMERUN!! Welcome back Junior!! The Mariners Home Opener isn’t until next week, that will be cool to see how the fans react to Griffey. Apparently Safeco Field is already sold out. I can’t wait until I get to go to a game!!

I also did some more sewing today and made a bib with a matching burp rag. I’m really proud of these two!! I actually really like them!

IMG_0181 I used pink and brown polka dot fabric with the a terrycloth material on the back. I then used 3 different pink ribbons and sewed them onto the bottom. To finish it off, I even sewed Velcro onto the bib!! I really like it :)

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