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Monday, April 20, 2009

Lake Chelan – Days 2 & 3

We had a lot of fun in Chelan, the internet service was touch and go so I didn’t get an opportunity to get post again!  But here are several pictures from Saturday and Sunday!


We started out by heading the park.  This park at the biggest slide I’d ever seen!!  The babies LOVED it!!  But unfortunately they were to little to climb it themselves, so that meant Mark & I had to carry them up and then slide down with them!  I must have climbed that slide 25 times!!  My arms were very SORE by the end!DSC_0096DSC_0120DSC_0122DSC_0123DSC_0127DSC_0135

After being warn out from the slide climbing, we headed back to the beach.  This trip to the beach we let the kids go down to the water.  They really enjoyed throwing rocks in the water and splashing with sticks!

DSC_0003 DSC_0008 DSC_0011DSC_0009        

After a day of playing, the triplets were DIRTY!  So they got a bath!  With no toys to play with in the tub, the splashing was extraordinary!  The entire floor of the bathroom was covered in water, as was I!  But I still managed to snap a few pictures of the chaos!

DSC_0154 DSC_0152 DSC_0153


We once again headed down to the beach to let the triplets play in the water again!  Here are just a picture of each of the babies…Sophia was playing with the Spell girls so she wasn’t around for these pictures.






Nate Michael Harrington








Gabrielle Hope Harrington










Jack Douglas Harrington






Then Gabbi decided to take a ‘swim’ (aka falling in)….don’t worry we were right there and she was able to stand herself up since it was only like 3” of water! 








Thought I’d conclude my post and trip to Lake Chelan with a funny video of the real reason triplets are given a bad name!  By the time I grabbed my video camera Jack had calmed down…but imagine all three babies freaking out like this!  Kim, Mark & I were laughing so hard watching the kids just freak out!!

Thanks again Kim and Mark for inviting and taking me along!!  I had a lot of fun!!  Hope we go back this summer :)

1 comment:

brandi said...

Gabby is looking more and more like Sophie everyday!


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